Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blood Tests, Gingerbread Houses, & Horney Dogs

I was at Mom's last night, well actually from about two o'clock on yesterday afternoon. Dinner fruit, chicken tenders, and veggies. Ice cream sandwich for desert. Mom is playing bridge today so the day is mine until about four. Dinner tonight, sweet potato tater tots, turkey meatloaf, and veggies. Ice cram bar for desert. I think the troops are all going out for dinner Thursday night but nobody tells me anything. Sis and her husband are leaving for Texas Friday morning to spend Christmas with my niece.

Let's start today's entry with some good news on the health front:

Going to have gingerbread cookies this week? How about gingerbread houses:

Ending the day with an animal story.

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Lady DR said...

I still say, you get tired of cooking in OR, come on out!

Great news on the potential to diagnose Alzheimer's and perhaps prevent it from progressing.

Boy, the gingerbread houses are nothing like what I remember or what I've seen in some friend's homes. Pretty impressive, but I can't imagine eating them, unless you brought in a big gang of sweet lovers.

Great story about the hero husky. And I ent through the pix from PawNations, which I'd never heard of. Darling little guys and girls. Maybe I should check it out and enter Scamp and the Spook (wry s).

William J. said...


I would cook from scratch for you!

I hope to see the prevention of Alzherheimer's before I die. It is so needed.

If I spend the tme making one of those gingerbread house I sure in the heck am not eating, I am showing it off.

Definitely enter Scamp and the Spook. They would be winners without a doubt.


dona said...

Bill I know the Shankster would love to have you cook for him, just because of the desserts you serve!! Your meals always sound great.

I do hope that early diagnose will help to find treatment for Alzheimer's and Dementia and even reverse or stop this progress. While any disease is devastating, this one can just be ugly, demeaning and humiliating.

I hope the owners of those animals do get what is deserved. I am sure they may have thought they were doing the right thing by locking them in a vehicle, but come on, there are places you can take your animals if all options are exhausted, so that some who will care and love them can adopt them.

And Yes DR, enter the babies! I think they would be winners also.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

I don't about deserts, I tried to make cookies from scratch and it was a disaster, probably would have either poisoned The Shankster or kept him awake for a year.

I could not agree with you more about the owners of the animals. And there are the idiots that leave children in hot cars. And to just leave animals that you can't afford behind, those people deserve to be hung by their nails.