Sunday, December 30, 2012

Late Update

Late Today. No real reason other than the day got away from me.

Last update of the year. Future first. Next week first. Today lunch and dinner at Mom's. Tomorrow New Year's Eve dinner and the night at Mom's so my sister and her husband can go to a movie and celebrate the end of the year. New Years Day, lunch, dinner and the night at Mom's. Wednesday Morning at Mom's then I am free. Wednesday afternoon is completing a couple of work assignments. Thursday morning more work assignments. Thursday evening is watching the Oregon Ducks take on the Kansas State Wildcats in the Fiesta Bowl. Can hardly wait. Friday more work assignments and a me day. Saturday lunch and dinner for the troops at Mom.

Last week was a blur. Sunday was lunch at Mom's, dinner for the troops, and helping Mom frame her pictures and wrap them. Monday was Christmas Eve and we had a family of five come for dinner. My nephew, his wife, their daughter Katie, her boyfriend Paul, and son Grayson. It was a lot of work. Christmas Day and Night was at Mom's. Wednesday day and night was at Mom's. Mom played bridge in the afternoon and I ran errands. Didn't cook that night. Went with to from Elmer's. Mom said she liked my cook better. Thursday took Mom to Wendy's for lunch and cooked an outstanding dinner for us. Then got home at eight that night. Friday I fixed lunch for Mom and dinner for the troops. Saturday was at Mom's for lunch and dinner for the troops. Dinner Friday was meatloaf, sweet potato fries, green beans, and pumpkin pie. Dinner Saturday was turkey, sweet mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and an ice cream sandwich.

You know the drill. The blog is yours. Update me on your life. Let me know how your holiday went and what you week coming up is like. Past anything you damn well please


Lady DR said...

As always, you had a busy week, particularly with solitary Mom duty, holidays and relatives. Sounds like yo handled it all well. Next week sounds a little less harried, despite work assignments.

My week was a bit of a blur as well, with conflicting reports on Mom's ups and downs, Rho's schedule changes, an email from Rho with concerns about Deb and the facility Mom's in. Bottom line: I did get in pool time, I did get a massage and chiro app't and I did finish the editorial project yesterday afternoon. I fly out Tuesday to AZ, one way ticket, no idea when I'll be back. I have a rental car for two weeks, can extend if needed. Have lots of lists. Pretty much packed clothes and such today, gathering techie stuff and chargers, a crocheting project to work on while Mom sleeps, booked the rental car. Yesterday was booking flights, a trip to the mall to exchange Himself's jacket (none left) and find a lighted magnifier (not to be found.) Discovered one got much better pricing by going directly to airlines, rather than using the various "discount" sites (saved $200 on airfare) and rental car sites (saved over $100). Especially true if you are over 65 and an AARP member. Plus, Southwest allows free checked baggage, so I could pack the big suitcase (it ain't all that warm in AZ right now!), use the oversized computer case as a carry-on and still take a large purse. I think. I have tomorrow and half of Tuesday to get the last of it together. I'm taking the laptop, Fire and Kindle Touch and think we've found a "back door" into email, so hopefully, I'll still be touch, although it may be hit and miss.

Wishing all of you the happiest of New Years and all the best in 2013, if I don't get in tomorrow or the next day.Airport layover time may be experimental time (wry s).

Mary said...

It's sounding like tax season is going to be a break for you this year!

William J. said...

Hello DR

First and foremost have a safe trip to Arizona. In a way I am glad you are going because you will get first hand information and I think will help with someone of the doubt and worries.

Those confilcting reports about Mom would drive me nuts. As would the ups and downs.

I'm surprised but pleased that you got the pool, the Chiro and a massage in. A congratulations on finishing the Editorial project!
I'm lLooking forward to Wednesday afternoon. A break.

I like the way you got a deal and were able to take the luggage you need. If we don't hear from you we will understand. Mom is the priority now.

I'm looking forward to Wednesday and a break.



William J. said...


I am actually looking forward to tax season. It will different this year with one boss instead of two.