Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Rough Week Update

Rough week on many levels. Nationally. Locally. Personally. I'm praying next week improves.

Let's look at last week. Mom's leg still hasn't healed. It is improving but hasn't healed. They did say at the doctor's that it would take a long time but just exactly what is a long time? I think if it isn't improved by tomorrow I am going to encourage her to go to the doctor. Last week. Sunday afternoon was at Mom's. While she painted I cooked breakfast for dinner for her and the caregiver. Monday was an errand and work day. Tuesday and Wednesday were very boring seminars. Wednesday night was at Mom's. Since the seminar didn't get out until after four (which didn't leave any time to cook dinner) I stopped on the way home and picked up some KFC and you know what? It tasted damn good. Thursday was shopping for Mom, lunch at Shari's with Mom, afternoon at Mom's house so she could paint, and cooking a damn good dinner Thursday night. I got home at about nine. Friday was errand day. I also bought Mom a brush cleaning kit and dropped it off at her house. Saturday I went to mom and fixed a nice little lunch and they stayed there the afternoon so Mom could continue painting. She is moving right along. While she painted I cooked an outstanding meal of turkey, potato tots, corn, and an ice cream bar. I came home and watched the University of Oregon's women's volleyball team lose the national championship to the University of Texas. They were trounced, three sets to none in a best of five contest.

Looking at this coming week. Today I am going to breakfast with the football boys. Then will spend the afternoon at Mom's so she can paint. Mom's studio is in the garage and she just feels better if someone is there while she is in the garage. I'll cook dinner and the Seattle Seahawks game while she paints. Tomorrow is getting the car washed, pick up dry cleaning, get a haircut, and sign up for the IRS E-filing program. Tuesday through Saturday are a lot of Mom duties. Sister and husband are heading to Texas for Christmas. So Mom is mine. Also on Friday I have lunch with the male boss from my seasonal job. The one that is selling his business. I am in contact with the female boss and she is extremely worried if she is going to be able to do all the work (she bought half of his business.) After getting Mary's input it will be interesting to get Tom's input and see what matches up and doesn't match up. No Christmas shopping is required this week since it is done. No trips to the North Pole are required, Santa has the packages in his hands and knows what to deliver. But I still might want to go North to see the Northern Lights.

It is update day. You know the drill. The blog is yours to post anything you damn well please. Tell me about your life. Good gossip. Good rumors. What you were up to last week. What is on the agenda next week.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

So sorry to hear your Mom's leg hasn't healed. Yes, I'd probably be heading to the doc, as well, just to be on the safe side. So glad she's continuing her painting. Can you take your laptop and work on your book, while she paints? You had a busy week.

Next week looks busy, as well, with lots of errands, cooking and Mom duties. Be interesting to see what you find out from Tom, compare to what Mary has to say. You'll still be working for the firm, right?

My week's been a bit of a roller coaster, especially since Thursday AM, with Mom and practically camping at the computer, hoping for emails, which don't always come, carrying the cell everywhere I go. Being so far away and not knowing is having a definite impact on my focus and ability to "settle" to anything. I'll feel better once Lake's out there tomorrow and knowing Tryphena & Joe will be there Friday, Rho and Carl coming a couple days later.

I did finish the Christmas shopping, all the online orders arrived, but one for Himself. Everything is wrapped and, as of an hour ago, packaged, labeled and will ship tomorrow.Did get some editing time in, not much. Did get the enhanced photos from MA, but have done nothing on the book or websites. Himself says I have to add a bit about when a patient is sent to rehab or home health care, other than Hospice, so they're prepared for research hassles. Aaargh!

Wednesday was a fun time. Nancy came over here and we went to the line dance luncheon. So good to see so many folks we haven't seen in a while. There was a private room where we could dance and we both managed almost an hour, with a couple breaks. Paid for it later, but it was worth every twinge. I do think the second epidural has helped. Not fixed, but better. Hoping that will continue.

Next week is pretty open. Hope to get in lots of editorial hours and maybe some time on the book and websites. If I can settle.

Mom had dialysis yesterday and did well. She's to have it again today and tomorrow and then they'll talk about where she's at and what comes next. Deb's preparing to bring her home. I'm thinking they're likely to require some rehab time, after all she's been through. The hope is that, one way or another, she can be home for Christmas with the grandkids there.

Few things can compare to the Northern Lights. Living in Juneau, I'll never forget the night a friend took me out about 2:00 am to watch them "dance" across Mendenhall Glacier. They were all colors of the rainbow, in various depths of hues, and they didn't swirl, like in the video, but were more straight up and down and did "dance." It was awesome.

dona said...

I agree you should check with Doc on moms leg. You just can't be too careful. Sounds like a lot of cooking and painting went on last week, Sure wish I was there to have some KFC, it always tastes good in my book.

As usual it sounds like a busy week ahead for you. I am wondering as I have read a couple of times about your boss selling, but since the other boss is buying, are you still going to be working there?

We have always loved the pictures of the Northern Lights and would love to see them in person, we envy DR.

Past week was trying to get Shankster healed with the back issue. I think he had enough of it towards the end of the week as we did get out for some errands, other than going to the doctor so that was nice. He paid for it both evenings, but I think its on the mend quicker this time. Had a few sewing projects to finish up and got those done. Finally found and purchased a landline as ours went kaput a few months back, trying to use dads rotary phone with all the button pushing you need to do for most calls has gotten old, fast.
Trying to help dad get rid of an itchy rash on his back. He won't hear about going to the doc, so I'm trying to get it controlled quick. geesh.

DR, I sure hope all goes well with your mom, and you can get the mental rest you need. It does take a toll on you when you aren't there just as it does when you are. Glad to hear you got to get some line dancing in, I am sure it was just what you needed, even if you paid a bit later.

William J. said...


Mom's leg looked really good yesterday so maybe I jumped the gun.

Usually what I do at Mom's is cook, clean, empty the garbage, and do things that need to be done while she paints. I've took my laptop a couple of times and it has worked out pretty well.

I will still be working for the firm but I have a hunch it will be a really hard tax season. Tom is going to stay through it and I think the tension between Tom and Mary will be hard to be around.

I can just imagine the roller coaster you are on with your Mom and usually that kind of worry makes the rest of your life a roller coaster. Hugs. I'm glad Lake is going to be there to help Deb. And the others arriving shortly.

Congratulations on finishing your Christmas Shopping and wrapping. I honestly don't know how you got any editing time done. And I agree with Himself. I'm elated that there was some fun time in there last week admist the trauka. Glad the epidural has helped.

Under the circumstances you really have to leave the week as open as possible.

Glad to hear your mom did well with the dialysis. My guess is your Mom will have to rehab for a much as a month. But they will let her come home for a couple of days at Christmas.

How great that you were able to see the Northern Lights maybe I will put that on my bucket list.


William J. said...


I think we avoided a problem because Mom's leg improved overnight.

We don't do KFC very often but when we do boy does it take good. I also had a Big Mac last week, first one in over a year and it tasted good too.

I am still going to be working at the seasonal job. I am the only one that can do some of the hard returns besides Barbara and she does a lot of reviewing so I get the bulk of the hard returns.

I'm with you, maybe we should go to the Northern Lights together. Make it a Dahn Report outing.

I'm praying The Shanksters back gets better. I am glad he got out for a while and maybe even though he is suffering a little more right now that the outing will improve the back in the long run by moving some of the muscles around. I admire your ability to sew, wish I knew how.

Congratulations on the new phone and shame on your dad for not be willing to go to the doctor. The rash could indiciate so many things. Wow do you ever have your hands full! When I win the lottery you get a maid and butler and a vacation.