Saturday, December 15, 2012

Celebrate Life With Lily,

The Elephant in the room is the shooting in Connecticut. A day of death, destruction, heartbreak, and gifts under numerous Christmas trees for children never coming home. I cried. I'll admit that. I cried a lot yesterday. It is an unspeakable tragedy of enormous proportions. The tragedy is so horrific I just can't write about it. I don't have it in me. I'm not up to it. All I can do is offer my prayers for all those killed in the senseless act of violence in Connecticut.

Today to keep me sane I just have to do a normal blog post. I have to celebrate life instead of death. I just have to.

Lily made her public debut yesterday. But let's look at Lily before the debut when she was one day old:

Now her public debut:

We now know where elephants come from but do we know missile toe comes from? I mean is there a better way to celebrate life than kissing? Do people still kiss under the missile toe anymore? Part of me says, "I hope so" but part of me says "I hope not" because I remember being the shyest kid in school and having the kissing used to embarass me. Ok, I admit, it was one of the few times I enjoyed being embarassed.

Nature. Life. Beautiful pictures of nature. Celebrating life with this stunning shot over the city of Cincinnati.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Like you, my prayers go out to all those in CT, who have been touched by the tragedy. Then, to read a similar thing happened a few hours later in China, only knives were used to slay some 22 students. The world has gone crazy.

Thanks for brightening the day with the video of Lily. How neat to see a baby elephant, even if on film.

Loved the mistletoe "survey." It's amazing how rarely one sees mistletoe anymore. A friend was trying to find some for a "kissing ball" for a holiday function and had about reached the point of thinking she was going to have to shoot some down from a tree. (Yes, mistletoe grows in trees and grows here in SC. Actually, it's a parasite and can kill a tree, if it overtakes it).

Beautiful picture of the fog. You find such neat stuff!

dona said...

I loved the Video and photo of Lily, it sure did make some of the other realities of the days go away for a moment.

Also my prayers go out to all those who need it.

To you also DR, I hope you are doing ok, I am sorry to hear all this is going on with your mother so far away, Please know we are sending prayers.

William J. said...


In the China knife attack none of the kids were killed they were all wounded. They will eventually be going home, mentally worse, but at least alive.

The pictures of Lily just make me smile. Almost makes want to go to the Zoo and see for myself.

I didn't know two things, that missile toe grew on trees and that they were missile toe trees in S.C. I do wonder why we don't see it anymore.

The pictures of Cincinnati were just stunning.

Prayers still for you, your Mom, and your family.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

You got exactly why I posted the pictures of Lily, we needed some joy and smiles.

Hope things are great with you and yours and The Shankster is following orders. If not I have a pair of handcuffs you can borrow.