Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Features

Second day at Mom's. Caregiver back tomorrow at five. Today is Friday's Features.

The first story is what not to decorate your house with at this time of year:

The second story is about a study of how animals may help us diagnose cancer:

The last story is about a guest on CNN.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Good article on what not to decorate with, if you have children or pets. I'd add poinsettias to the list, as I think they're poisonous to animals. Oleanders are dangerous inside and out for pets and kids and we removed any we found in yards when we bought homes. Hadn't realized the bit about mums and need to research that further.

I've seen other articles on animals "diagnosing" cancer and believe they have enough validity to pay attention to a pet's concern about your body. Loved the comments on therapy dogs, as well.

Kudos to the gal and her brother for fighting stereotypes on toys. I was raised in a household where "tasks" were never gender specific. I could run the hay baler and my brother could run a vacuum cleaner. Daddy could wash dishes, iron or sew on his own buttons, when Mom was felled with a migraine.With today's two adults working households, it would be so nice to see tasks shared on something other than a gender basis and to see kids getting the message that guys can cook, clean and do laundry and gals can mow lawns, deal with cars split wood.

William J. said...


We decorate so often with considering our pets, so it is good to have a reminder. I quit putting up a Christmas tree when I had Katie because she kept knocking it down.

I hadn't realized that dogs could diagnose cancer but the pets are more in tune with us then we often are with ourselves.

We were like you nothing gender specific in our household. I completely agree that in today's world couples should share chores on need and time not gender.