Sunday, December 9, 2012

12-9-12 Update

We are asking for prayers for DanaRae and her family. Her Mom is in the hospital in Arizona and not doing well. I'm sending all my prayers, positive vibes, good thoughts, and love to both Arizona and South Carolina.

Going to go to breakfast with the guys this morning. Haven't went for a while with Mom and the holidays so it we be good to reconnect. Yesterday is cleaning, shopping, working, and a couple of hours at Mom's so she can paint. Tuesday and Wednesday are reading days. Well, really they are two days worth of accounting seminars to keep my license. Wednesday night and Thursday morning is at Mom's. Friday a combination rest and wreck day. Wreck havoc with my to do list and Christmas list. Saturday lunch and dinner for Mom and the troops and a little more rest and wreck.

Last week. Sunday was at Mom's during the day. Taking her to lunch and then cooking dinner for the troops. Monday I worked on my to do list, did some shopping for mom. Tuesday was pretty much a rest day. Wednesday a work day. Thursday day and night Friday day and night, and Saturday were at Mom's. We had a really nice time. Thursday mom and I went to Michael's Crafts. I made a good lunch and dinner. Friday I went frame shopping for Mom will she painted. I got some stunning deals for Mom. Late in the day Mom confessed to me that she didn't have some colors of paint that she needed to do a better job painting. I solved that by going to Joanna's Fabrics and Creative store (nicer, cleaner, and better than Michael's) Saturday morning and got a nice set of eighteen different colors of paints. It really pleased and gave her more motivation to paint. I made a nice lunch and cooked a nice dinner for us on Friday. Saturday we went out to lunch and had a light dinner (soup and fruit) because our big meal was lunch at Shari's.

Mom's aide was there at five so I headed home. All in all really a great three days at Mom's. A little eating, a little shopping, a little love, and a lot of painting.

You know the drill. The blog is yours. Post anything you want. Ask for Prayers. Vent. Share joys and tragedies. Update me on your life or just comment away.


dona said...

Prayers, good thoughts and most anything I can muster is headed towards DanaRae and her family.

Hope your breakfast went well with the guys Bill. A good breakfast usually sets the tone for the rest of the day, so hope your whole day is great.

I have been following your pics of the paintings your mom painted on FB, can't wait to see the new ones/with frames, I especially liked the one you picked for yourself, such a talent to be able to paint like that.

Not much to post today from me, Shankster is down in his back, he just bended over yesterday and wham! Thats all it usually takes and he is down, last time it was almost 3 months! So I started him immediately on his muscle relaxers so he will do what he is supposed to do and take it easy! (he is not a good patient) Guess I got my week cut out for me.

dona said...

OH I meant, Guess the Shankster has his week cut out for him...;)

Lady DR said...

Bill and Dona, thanks for the prayers. A short note said Mom's oxygen levels were good, her blood gases good and her BP relatively okay, so that's the good news. Now, we wait, probably until tomorrow evening, for word on the major issues.

Sounds like you had a busy week and have another one coming up. I know how you love the accounting seminars. I'll have to go in and check your FB page and see the pix Dona referred.

Dona, so sorry to hear the Shankster did in his back again. Yes, I hear you on the hubby not being a good patient. Have one of those myself.

Spent much of the week working on the book and related issues. The book is proofed and the cover has been redesigned. Took self-portraits (bless Himself for the camera he gave me a year or so ago) and MA is enhancing them for use on the book cover, web page and blog. Just need to get the content, cover and photo uploaded for review, then order another ARC and hope this cover works better and the edits all got entered.
Did the pool four days, had a massage. Saw the doc and the mammo is normal, all the blood test numbers are good. She was running late, couldn't make the pool, so spent the time shopping for ribbons and poinsettias to decorate the tree, since there was no easy way to get to our ornaments. It's very different from what we've had, but it's pretty. Christmas letter is done, Christmas cards are addressed and ready to mail. Just have to figure out how to send the Christmas letter via email, since Thunderbird tells me the file is too big. That leaves the Christmas shopping. Next week I have to start on the in-house client project. Have a luncheon with the line dance group Wednesday. Broke my "no work on Sunday" rule to do the laundry, in the event Deb may need help in AZ on short notice. I figure, if I'm prepared, I won't need to be prepared.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

First, the best to The Shankster and I hope he listens to you so he will get well faster.

Had a great breakfast yesterday and a great time. It was nice to see the boys, watch some football, and win money.

The painting that I picked for myself from Mom just makes me think. It kind of looks like the woman has a nice life but is deciding whether or not she should go over the mountain.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I knew what you meant!


William J. said...


Good news about your Mom and I am going to keep praying that the news gets even better.

I dred accounting seminars I just wish they weren't required and so expensive (this one is $200 a day. I posted a lot of pictures on the blog so you have probably seen them. The one I chose for myself I only posted on Facebook but I will add it to one of my posts this week to save you some time.

It thrillse me when you spend time on your book, the publication of it is just needed. Love the self-potrraits and Himself's constant support. I am also glad when you do the pool. Elated that the mamo is normal and the blood tests are good. Different is almost always good. I quit sending Christmas cards, it just got to expensive and I always forgot someone. You just need an accounting seminar on your agenda so you have time to Christmas shopping.

You write of my weeks being busy. Wow does your next week look busy and worry about your Mom on top of it and maybe a trip to Arizona. Rules are made to be broken.