Saturday, December 22, 2012

Surviving, Sleeping, Weird Traits, & Gifts

I survived the Apocalypse. How about you? Now it is just Mom & I the rest of the holiday season. Sister & her husband left yesterday for parts unknown. Christmas Eve and Day will be celebrated with church, love, good food, special presents, and a small gathering of the dynamic duo. This is Mom's latest painting. We are wrapping it today & giving it to Mom's aide. Mom has painted five paintings and wrapped ten paintings with five coming from her stash. Not bad for a ninety-six year and eleven month old stunning woman. For Christmas I got a painting from her stash and instead of a new painting from her I asked to do something special for me. Paint a portrait. She has never painted a human or a portrait before. She isn't sure she can do it but she is going to try. I love that she is willing to try something different. If she succeeds it will be done in January. I will give it to a friend to honor his mother (the portrait is of the mother). May you have a great day. May you feel as free as the bird in this painting is.

Now on to today's post. Are you a sound sleeper?

I love my family. The family tree has some stable branches but it also has few a nuts. I was surprised once when my brother call me offbeat. The actor that reminds him the most of me personality wise is Phillip Seymour Hoffman. At least he picked someone talented. Besides even I am offbeat I probably inherited it from someone in my family:

I've also been called charming by almost all of my Mom's friends. That is my niche I guess women over eighty. I like charming so I am ending today's post with a charming post:

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Lady DR said...

We all survived, imagine my surprise (G). Like you, Christmas will be the two of us this year and it will be casual, with me doing as little cooking as possible, most of it the day before.

Beautiful painting! Your mom is an absolute wonder. I thought the portrait she was going to do was of you. How wonderful she's going to try to do one of your friend's mom.

I'm a relatively sound sleeper most of the time, but I seriously doubt I could sleep through having half my house blown away!

Interesting item on genetics. I think mine are confused (wry s). When I look back at Mom and Daddy and their attitudes and then think about Mom the last several years, I'm not at all sure to apply the article.

Love the guy giving away lottery tickets. My hope is that one of the recipients wins big time!

William J. said...


Our Christmas has changed. My nephew and his family will come up Christmas Eve and spend the night with Mom. Then Christmas day they will go to their inlaws.

Mom is going to paint a potrait from a picture. It will be a challenge but I think if she succeeds it will have a lot of meaning to the person it is given too.

I think if the roof blew off of my house I'd wake up.

I also think my genetics are confused and also wonder how I came out so differently than anyone in the family. Certainly different than my siblings. People do say I am a lot like my dad.

It would be great if someone that received a lottery ticket won.