Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Update

“Families are designed to nurture the minds, wills, and emotions of its members so that the barriers created by fear of the unknown can be replaced by the confidence that comes from knowing you are loved whether you succeed or fail.”  -  Leigh A. Bortins

Things change so much at Mom's house. It is no longer just going to be Mom and I for Christmas Eve. My nephews called last night. His family is coming up from Eugene for dinner Christmas Even and to spend the night at Mom's. I've completed the Quickfire Challenge. Do a menu and shop for a Christmas Eve dinner for seven or eight. That task is completed. To honor one of the mothers we lost last year the main feature will be a Honey Baked Ham. Wheat rolls. String bean casserole. Scalloped potatoes. The troops from Eugene are bringing a salad and desert. The elimination challenge now is for me to cook the darn dinner, serve it, and make sure none of them get food poisoning. I think I can meet that challenge.

Because I will get exhausted if I do next week first my update will start with last week.

Sunday the football breakfast. Then the afternoon at Mom's so she could paint. Monday a day off to clean house, run errands, pay bills, wrap and put my final touches on shopping. Tuesday afternoon was at Mom's so she could paint, then fixed dinner for her and I, and then spent the night. Wednesday was the movie, "GUILT TRIP" (not the best) then dinner and the night at Mom's. Mom played bridge that afternoon. Thursday all day at Mom's. We framed pictures and wrapped packages. Paintings are sure hard to wrap. We wrapped ten of them. Five new ones by Mom, five from her stash. Thursday night we went out to dinner with my sister and her husband. It was a nice time. Friday sister and her husband took off for Texas. I fixed lunch for Mom and dinner for her and her aide. I had my lunch appointment with Tom. Interesting meeting. He is out of there January 7. He sold have of his business to the remaining partner, Mary. He sold the other half to the firm he will be going to work with on that date. Come to find out that it was Mary's original idea to separate. Tom also mentioned there is a tax season position at the firm he is going to work at if I was interested. I just couldn't do that so close to tax season, it would really let Mary down.

Now the next week. Today three times at Mom's. Already was there this morning. Then back to fix her lunch. Then back at bed time. The aide is a minister at a church on Sunday nights and leaves for about an hour so I or my sister fill that gap. Monday is Christmas Eve and I will be Mom's all day. Since I just have a feeling that this may be her last Christmas I am spending the day there and make it as special as I can. I will be cooking dinner with her. Then the troops from Eugene will arrive and dinner will be about four. I will leave about 6:30 to go to church at 7. Tuesday is my night at Mom's. I am also going to be there most of the Day. Making it special. Wednesday day and night is at Mom's. Thursday day is at Mom's then home by 8. Friday three times there. Morning, noon, and dinner time. Saturday is a repeat of Friday. I'm already tired are you?

OK, you know the drill. The blog is yours. Post what you damn well please. I would like to know how DR's mom is doing and I'd like to know if The Shankster is following orders.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Dear goodness, I don't see much Bill time in there. Do you ever sleep? At the same time, I understand your feelings about spending as much of this holiday time with Mom as possible. I share your fears about this being the last Christmas for my mom and am so glad Lake went early, the Cargills are all there and understand that I'm being held in reserve. How special you're making the time for Mom.

Wow, talk about a change in plans, from just the two of you to a dinner party. Sounds like a great menu, not too different from our Christmas Day dinner plans.

Interesting about Tom. I hadn't realized he could sell half of a partnership business to a new firm he'll be working for. Thought that was a conflict of interest. Interesting it was Mary's idea.

Scattered week here. Finished first pass on editorial project. Hope to finish second pass next week. Some time on the cancer book, but not enough. After watching me frantically researching AZ home health care and thinking about the rehab fiasco when Mom lived here, Himself said, "You have to add that issue to the book." I did get that done. Entered the corrections to the ARC. Was going to do more today, but when Picassa refused to show the file with author photos, I decided God didn't want me working on Sunday. Four days at the pool. A delightful couple hours at line dance class, where I danced most of the two hours, with breaks. The real fun was dancing at the mall Saturday, doing a "flash mob" and then an hour's show for the shoppers there. It really brought home how much I've missed the dancing and the people. Interesting, I can dance for an hour or so, with a short break, but I can't walk any distance without discomfort. Go figure. Four days at the pool. Gifts are all wrapped and shipped or ready to go under the tree for Himself. Everything gathered for Christmas Day dinner, I think (hope).

Mom is up and down and right now I'm confused. She's in a long term acute care facility and they seem to be making some decisions based on medicare guidelines for release. In one paragraph Deb says the creatine levels aren't what they should be, but they aren't doing dialysis to remove fluids, due to said guidelines. Next, she says the b/p and blood sugar won't come down. Then she says Mom's short of breath and they don't know if the kidneys are really working. And then she ends with the statement the mission is to get Mom home, asap (no definition of that). The latter makes me real nervous, as so far they haven't resolved any of the issues of heart, lung, diabetes or kidney. I understand Mom wanting to be home and Deb wanting her home, but someone needs to tell me this is really the best idea and in Mom's best interest. For now, I try to put my trust and faith in God, Let Go and Let God and, meantime, get the edit project done and put together a packing list that will fit in a computer case and carryon, so I can leave on short notice, if they do release her to go home.

Next week's plan is the pool four days, Christmas dinner for the two of us, hopefully finish the editorial project and just be prepared for whatever I may need to do.

Merry Christmas to all, those who lurk and those who post.

dona said...

Once again Bill, you come thru with flying colors! In a pinch you seem to be ready and willing to fix up a dinner will all the trimmings. Menu sounds great, I doubt none will complain, and all will be grateful, I know I would.

Your meeting with old boss does sound interesting, and odd, I also didn't know you could sell part of the company the way...and I felt he put you in a very bad spot to have to choose. I think you are very loyal and considerate.

Prayers still headed your way, DR. I hear you on the guideline issue, and not even getting some issues wonder you're confused, with not being there in person it has to be very tough.

I also understand confusion with the dancing versus just plain ole walking. I found that to be true also, I could zumba for an hour and get up and move just fine the next day. But trying to stand still or walk for any amount was just simply out of the question, it didn't make sense.

Last week was trying to get some loose ends tied up. Our Fridge's Air damper fan went out(2nd time) last Saturday so we spent most of the week waiting on new part, and fighting with everything either freezing or spoiling. Our room heater didn't seem up to snuff, so we returned it also last Saturday, so we waited on it all week to be returned of course it was colder last week than it has been and we nearly froze. Shankster's feet stay cold now, I am sure becuz of diabetes, and that is a feat in itself to try to make sure he keeps socks and shoes on to keep them warm. I sewed him up a big fleece "foot pocket" if you will to keep his feet in when he isn't moving, so far it works well. His back is better, still using creams, but thankfully no more drugs, so much better.

William J. said...


No me time until sister gets back. I sleep some. I am really glad Lake is with your Mom, for her and for Deb.

I chose the menu because it is easy!

I have never heard of splitting the business before selling it but I guess you can do anything you want. Mary didn't want all of Tom's business she just wanted the "easy" clients. So she chose the clients she was buying and then Tom was left to find a buyer for the rest of them.

I am glad you are making progress with the editorial project. I am always pleased when you spend time on the cancer book. In some ways it sounds like parts of the book is writing itself. I think God wanted you to take a break. I am pleased about the line dancing because that seems to be your mental health time. What fun the flash mob and dancing must have been! Maybe you are using different muscles when you dance than when you walk.

I think the situation with your mom is confusing. With my dad they also based in release on what Medicare would pay for. And I agree, your mom shouldn't go home until the issues are solved or she will be right back in the hospital.
I think your plan is right on.

Next week looks pretty busy to me.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I come thru most of the time because I have no choice. I had my emotional breakdown last night. I was entitled.

See my comment to DR, Mary didn't want all of his business. I was kind of flattered that he thought I was good enough to be considered. At my age it is nice to still be wanted. But I am not going to burn any bridges at my age either.

I have the same problem as you and DR. Walking helps me, standing still hurts my back. My legs get really tired when I stand, then everything else hurts.

Having the fridge go out is one of those annoying things that can make me go over the edge. I hate trying to keep everything from spoiling.

And freezing because the heater doesn't work. Damn. That is just to much to deal with.

What a practical and sweet thing to do for The Shankster. Making the foot pocket. Lucky man The Shankster is. Glad his back is better. Great that there is no more drugs. Now if he will just continue to listen to you!