Friday, December 28, 2012

Healthy Friday

Friday. Slept in my own bed last night. Today I am pretty much concentrating on my today list. There will be a couple of breaks to fix mom lunch and Mom and her aide dinner.

Yesterday we talked about be given a chance to succeed. Sometimes that chance is wrapped in less than stellar life events:

Continuing the health theme today:

Hobbies are healthy, no? One of my top personal stories this year is Mom starting to paint again. Think there are very many 97 year old artists out there? Neither do I. That is why I appreciate people with life's challenges doing artistic things. And I appreciate the people that appreciate what they do and the struggles they overcome to do it:

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Lady DR said...

Great news on sleeping at home and having a day mostly for you.

What great stories. Kudos to all those featured, each of whom has taken what most would consider a major setback and obstacle and turned it into a positive experience, helping others. I was especially impressed with the young artist.

William J. said...


Knocked fourteen items off of my to do list.

I just love stories that people that take setbacks and turn them into a success. The artist was very impressive.