Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Type Stories

A lot of tragedy this year. Personal ones and Worldwide ones. 2012 hasn't been that great of a year. I am anxiously looking forward to 2013 and putting 2012 to bed. The type of year 2012 has been is going to make it hard to celebrate the holidays this year. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, who really cares, as long as we can spend it with friends and family. Let's start the season today with good stories.

The officer didn't know anyone was taking his picture as bend over and put the shoes on the old homeless man. The video of course went viral. The officer has been on the force two years and live with his parents. No doubt proud parents. Here is an updated story:

The Christmas spirit alive and well in New York City.

Reunions can be charming and fun. And so much more important at this time of the year:

Even spies deserve a holiday. And they should know the rules:

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Lady DR said...

Yes, there have been some real downers this year, personally and world wide, but I think I'm fortunate in coming out more positive and negative. I sometimes wish I could spend Christmas with family, but with geographic issues, I don't see it happening this year.

Great stories. Kudos to the NY cop and his compassion and practical assistance and to the tourist who caught the moment and pfooey to the naysayers. What a delightful story about the reunion of the two boys.

William J. said...


It generally turns out more positive than negative but some years are better off.

The NY Cop makes me think of kindness and love. The naysayers are idiots.

Loved the story of the two kids.