Monday, December 10, 2012

Pictures & Gossip

"A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge." Thomas Carlyle

I like pictures. I like Christmas stories. Let's start the day off with both:

I'm glad I am not from another planet. I kind of like this one:

Did you hear about the Jones? Do you know what your co-worker makes? I not only like pictures. I like gossip. Good gossip. When at work I want all the goods:

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Lady DR said...

Wow, what a display! What a huge amount of work. We have a couple places here in the Upstate, one a small farm, that do really impressive Christmas displays, actually Christmas villages, and one small town where an entire neighborhood works together to decorate their cul de sac. The cooperation among that group fascinates me.

Interesting pictures of earth. While a part of me thinks it's a shame our space program has become an orphan, another part of me looks at some of the tremendous waste it involved and the need for tax dollars to help the population (even though it's not doing that now). I think we're past the point where we need to establish realistic priorities in too many areas.

Interesting article on gossip. While I've worked on my own for over twenty years, I don't recall there was a great deal of it, when I was in offices, altho that may be selective memory. I remember there was a fair amount of grumping and venting after hours and on lunch hours in a couple places, but it wasn't gossip and it never resolved anything, just seemed to make people more disgruntled, as each fed the other. I found the video on the boss gathering gossip disgusting and sure hope it was meant as a spoof or satire. I'm not sure, at this point, I agree with the premise of the article, but I've been out of offices for a long time.

William J. said...


That was an amazing display makes me want to visit Connecticut. We also have a couple of places that do impressive displays. Peacock Lane, The Grotto, and a Neighborhood about a mile from Mom's.

I think we spent to much on the space program to date but I do think we can learn a lot from the exploration. We just have to find a happy medium.

At my seasonal job and at jobs I worked at throughout my life there was always gosspip I just avoided it like the plague. I wouldn't work for a boss like the one in a video.

dona said...

That was an enormous display, I can't even imagine the work that goes into these displays. We used to frequent a few when our kids were tiny, but those are long gone.

The Pictures of the Earth are amazing. And I also think its a shame things with the program are unclear moving forward.

Gossip? I don't see it as the article suggests as being a good thing in the workplace. Or at least from my experience, I can remember at one job in particular where it was just awful what some of the workers would gossip about, I just tried to stay away from it and do my work. and I wouldn't want to work for that boss either.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

The work in that display must have been incredible. I still visit the neighborhood displays. Sometimes alone, sometimes with Mom.

I loved the pictures of the earth. Keeping on exploring is my motto.

I'm with you on the gossip. I don't see the benefit of it like the article does. I also just kind of avoid it.