Friday, December 14, 2012


First, lets pass on the words DR wrote in a message yesterday. Please pray for her mom, her, and her family, I know I am.
"Spent most of yesterday afternoon and this AM checkin home health care agencies, since Deb was give a list yesterday and told they wanted a decision today. Decision not needed today. Mom's kidney's are in shock, they're trying fluid intakes of various kinds, but if those do more harm than good ('cause the kidneys don't flush properly), they'll move her to new hospital and daily dialysis and see how that goes. It's just been a busy day, with emails, trying to do "daily" stuff, then the info on the kidneys and trying to decide what we do next (which we can't decide until we have more information.

All prayers, white lite and positive vibes are appreciated. I'm afraid I'm a bit obsessed with this situation at the moment."

On to today's post. Have you even been told to put a cork in it?

Going to drink a soda today? Then are you going to throw away the tab?
Do you hate it when the TV gets louder during the commercials?

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Thanks for the prayers, Bill. The fluids didn't work. Deb left a message this AM they were moving Mom to the other hospital to start dialysis. To add insult to injury, Mom now has a urinary tract infection. Looking at flights. Looking at other options I hope we won't need.

Gee, almost makes one want to collect corks, if one drank bottles of wine and felt crafty (g).

Clever idea for the soda pop tabs. Will file for future reference.

I am sooo pleased to see legislation passed on the loud commercials, something that's drive me nuts for a long time, even though I rarely watch TV. They often do the same thing on the radio, so I hope it extends to that. Seems there's some subliminal affect if the ads are louder than the program.

William J. said...


I am so sorry to hear that the fluids didn't work. And the urinary tract infection is almost to much to bear but I wonder if that could be one of the reasons for the fluids not working.

I may take up drinking just to collect the corks.

I started keeping the soda tabs yesterday and I am with you on the commericals. Hate it when they are so loud. Now they do it at the movie theaters before the previews.