Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wrapping Paper, Strange Love, & A Chance.

Sister and husband are on the road back. They should be here Saturday. I'm still at Mom's through Tuesday. Sister needs a rest after six of eight days on the road. That is my request not sister's. But I want her rested and raring to go for tax season.

I am going to let them do some things like take down Mom's Christmas tree. But unlike past years we aren't throwing out used wrapping paper:

Don't think it is nice when people tell you they love you? But would you want a stranger to do it?

Did you ever think if you were just given a chance you would succeed our find your niche? A chance to do something. Just anything. Love the following story:

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Lady DR said...

You are a very good brother, to give your sister some time off, after her return from your trip.

Too late for the wrapping paper. 'Course, after Himself finishes ripping through packages, I'm not sure they'd be any left. And, honestly? There are other things I'd rather do with my time. I used to meticulously unwrap packages, fold paper and save it. Now I save the bows, the paper goes.

The "love letter" story is interesting. Be interesting to know what the contents are. Sometimes, even from a stranger, just knowing someone cares about you can help you turn that corner of despair or loneliness. It sounds like she's doing some good and has a lot of volunteer help.

Great story on the mascot becoming star quarterback. He acted on something most of us don't do - ASK. Don't know why asking is so difficult for so many of us, but it is, I've discovered. Yet, when you ask, so often the answer is "yes."

William J. said...


I will get even with sis in tax seasson.

I'm with you on the wrapping paper. Seems like it more work than it is worth.

I would like to know the contents of the love letters also. I also would like to see the response of some of the people that received them.

I liked the mascot story for the same reason you did. He had the guts to ask. And look at the results.