Thursday, February 7, 2013


Rough night at Mom's. Rough nights are getting more frequent. Scary. I am there today until eight tonight.

Today is about articles that surprise me:

I was of the impression that you can't ward off Alzheimers', that it is predetermined. That is why the following article surprised me:

The age of some heroes always surprises me:

If I only had a nickel to my name I sure hope it was the one in the following artice:

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Lady DR said...

Oh, Bill, I'm so sorry to hear about the rough night and that they're becoming more frequent. I think I've missed a lot of updates while gone. (Hugs and prayers)

Interesting about how to combat future Alzheimers, but it sounds like good basic health habits, right?

Loved the stories about the kids, but I always enjoy those. Very quick and intelligent, these little ones.

Hmmm... should I re-examine any nickels I have?

William J. said...


Mom was the best this morning that she has been in two or three weeks. Of course I was there overnight because the Aide was sick. Again.

It does sound like basic health habits and nothing ventured nothing gained.

I think the young kids doing good things is a reflection on their parents.

A am looking at all my nickels?