Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Before today's post I like to express my deepest sympathy to the Dolan family. The lost their dad to Alzheimer's Monday. Just barely three months after they lost their mother to lung cancer. I just can imagine the pain of losing both parents in such a short time. Peace be with them.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Even the weather folks are celebrating:

And some women are celebrating by banning men:

Want to know the secret of looking good for Valentine's Day? Maybe Guppies have the answer

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Lady DR said...

And a happy Valentine's Day to you, as well. Hope you spent it doing enjoyable things.

My condolences to the Dolan family, as well. While I don't follow them, you've share them with us and they've had a rough road to walk. Like you, I can't imagine losing both parents so close together. Perhaps they can some peace in know their parents are together and enjoying themselves and each other, after all they've been through.

I'm not in favor of banning men. Never have been. Then again, I have and have had many men who were good friends and don't feel any tension when I'm with a mixed group. Maybe tension is another word for a sense of competition, either with or for the men, something else I don't eem to experience.

I do think the guppy experiment result does reflect human nature in some respects. Observation shows that some "beautiful people," whether famous or next door, tend to surround themselves with less attractive individuals or people who provide a marked contrast to their attributes. Don't know if this is coincidence or intention. At the same time, less attractive folks often "attach" themselves to the beautiful people. As one guy said, "Hanging around with Namath is great - I get to pick up all his rejects." Maybe that makes it a win-win situation for both (wry s).

William J. said...


And I am not in favor of banning women. And like you I have had many friends of the opposite sex. I actually like them better than my own sex!

It is interest because I just never think of looks when I am hanging around people. Maybe that is because most my friends are average looking and we are all about average. Maybe I better see if George Clooney needs a friend.