Sunday, January 22, 2012

Celebration In Pictures

Before today's post just want to invite you to post an update on your lives today. Catch me up on what is going on with you.

Today's post is Mom's last night 96TH birthday party as narrated by Mom herself.

Come here often? A New York style deli in Sherwood, Oregon. Definitely.

They are known for big and delicious deserts.

I am how old!! Doesn't matter I still wouldn't mind taking Brad Pitt out behind the barn.

I am lucky to have a beautiful daughter & handsome son-in-law. I don't look damn bad either.

Having good friends is one of the secrets of living a long life.

This is Marion, Belva, Don, and Susan the caregiver

This is Rod (Marion's husband, Cousin Belva and her husband.

Sometimes I wonder about my children but I know the waitress loves me.

Bring on the free desert!


Mary said...

I remember that place! My only regret now is that I didn't order one of those desserts, yum! Happy birthday Mom!

No need for me to update, you already know what I've been doing, grumble, grumble.

Lady DR said...

Great pictures and loved the narrative. Thanks for sharing, Bill. Looks/sounds like a good time was had by all. Mom looks terrific!

My update is pretty ho-hum, which is fine with me. Pool, line dance, finished an editorial project and billed the client. Have a new one to start tomorrow. Watched the campaign debate Thursday night (what a debacle, largely due to the moderator), drove thru the rain and fog to vote on Saturday morning, lunch out, watched a webinar Saturday afternoon (more commercial than inoformative). Domestic duties. Icky weather precluded the outside Scamp time I'd hoped for. Picking away at the nagging tasks and practicing do-it-now. Faltering on the getting up early resolution, but shall struggle on with it.

Mary, have the weather conditions improved enough to make life a bit more bearable where you are?

William J. said...

Hi Mary

You start much earlier than I do. I've got about two weeks to go. And just to make you happier tax season is three days longer this year. Feb 29. April 16 & April 17.

I remember our dinner at Rose's quite well!


William J. said...


Everyone did have a nice time. It was smaller than last year but I actually enjoyed it more, was able to talk to more people.

Your update is anything but ho-hum.
Work and exercise and fun. And ploitics! And your citizen duty!

Sounds pretty exciting to me.