Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Hybrid.

Monday and things seem to be getting back to abnormal. Just hay a hybrid of articles on various subjects this morning. Some funny, some disturbing, and some without any redeeming values except making you aware of trends.

First up is the somewhat funny one:

Where are the editors when you need them? (See PS)

Next up is the quite disturbing one:

The very first line is very disturbing. I would have never guessed. I thought slavery was a thing of the past.

Have you been going out to restaurants lately? Notice any trends:

I kind of like number 9 and think a lot here will also.

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On ths school article if it takes to long to load it will take you to the next article about SAG, just hit the back arrow and it will take you back to the school article.


Lady DR said...

Does the school crossing sign really need a comment, beyond, "you still can't fix stupid?" School may have been out, but administrators and staff would still have been there and someone should have caught the error right away. Great example to send to our students. NOT

Yes, I was aware that slavery was still an issue, particularly in the sex trade, as well in industrial sites in some countries. I may be wrong, but I do think it's somewhat more prevalent in the Eastern and Far Eastern countries, simply because it's such a taboo there. Also, because there's so much poverty the girls are either sold into slavery to support the rest of the family or they've tried to escape the poverty and find a better life and been "sucked into" the trade. As for over here, I have no stats, but I'd be willing to bet that the bulk of the "slaves" are either of Mexican/Hispanic or Asian descent, lured over here by promises of employment, which turn out to be slavery. I've seen numerous articles on this over the past few years.

As to trends... the oversized wine glasses, combined with tiny tables, crammed into small spaces is a "grump" I've had for some time. I really have no interest in the arguments or angst of the people at the next table, but it's hard to miss it, if you're only a couple feet away. Dogs inside restaurants, no, much as I love mine. Dogs at outside cafes aren't a real issue for me, so long as they're well behaved, lay down, don't bug or beg from other diners. Here, a lot of folks take their dogs with them, when they're going to walk Falls Park or just tour downtown, looking for the "hidden mice" or go to outdoor concerts in the downtown parks. Because of this, a lot of restaurants have outdoor cafes or outdoor seating, to accomadate the canines who are out for a walk with their people. Again, I think the key is a well-behaved dog, one you really don't know is there, because he/she is laying quietly under the table or beside a chair and bothering no one.

Pat said...

I think the "SHCOOL" sign is funny. I think they should leave it for a while. Maybe have some kind of contest with other signs included to see who can find the "wrong" one.

A WALK ACROSS THE SUN seems to be an engrossing novel that tells a lot about the current sex slave trade. It's hard to believe that such things still go on, but women, especially young girls are so very disposable and unprotected in some societies that it's no surprise.

Dogs in restaurants don't bother me, but I'll admit I only see them outdoors and I've only seen well-behaved ones. I agree about tables too close together--very annoying--as is a waiter topping off a glass of wine for me. I haven't seen the giant ice cubes. My complaint is more often that I want more ice in my tea.

I don't mind the big wine glasses if there's room for them on the table. What I really dislike is gi-normous glasses for iced tea or coke or water that are very hard for aged and arthritic fingers to pick up. So far, I can do it, but my mother always had to use two hands, and sometimes I'd insist on a smaller glass for her.

Haven't run into the "artisanal" ketchup yet, but I prefer thousand island on my burger anyway. Have also only run into the water question once, and found it idiotic. "Just tap" was my reply to the question. Haven't run into any guys in restrooms, either, though one ran into me once as I was coming out of "his". The line had just been too long for the ladies', so some of us were using the other one.

Haven't seen all the periods in menus. Or didn't notice if I did. I probably wouldn't care. Wood in food? I do like a steak cooked over mesquite--is that what they mean?

William J. said...


I think I agree with Pat and would leave the sign up at a the school. An good example for the students and the teachers and administrators to double check their work.

I was aware of slavery still being an issue but I just wasn't aware how bad it was. Portland is the center of shanghai and kidnaping young women and sending them to, your right, Asian countries.

I am fine with pretty much everything in the restaurant article except the tables being to darn close. I don't want to hear other people's conversation and I don't want them to hear mine. I don't really care about dogs in the restaurant as long as the owners have them under control (just like children) and I am always fascinated by service dogs.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am with you on the sign. Love the idea of the game to find the wrong sign.

I am going to have to get A WALK ACROSS THE SUN. It sounds pretty interesting and informative. I wonder why we stil have societes that treat young girls and women as throw aways. Just not right.

I rarely see dogs in restaurants unless they are service dogs. I actually think it is against the law here. It looks like all of agree about close tables. I am also with you on enormous glasses. For the same reasons. I never use ketchup so I am fine there. I've not run into any women in restaurants either but I kind of like the idea of unisex restrooms so opposite sex caregivers can accomodate handicap patients without causing anyone grief. I was stumped by the wood in food too. I think you hit the nail on the head about it.


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