Sunday, January 15, 2012


Party last night:

Your good vibes worked as there was no snow and we made it safely to and from the party. The party was held at the Thirst Wine & Restaurant Bar. It sits on the waterfront in downtown Portland with a beautiful view of the Willamette River. They had a nice buffet set out and all during the night a waiter or waitress would bring a plate of stuff in addition to the buffet. Pork sandwiches and chicken skewers for example were not part of the buffet but were served throughout the night. We had a great bartender. Everyone there was very relaxed. Amy the receptionist that has now been promoted to solely doing tax returns brought her baby that was born in August. Cute as a darn button. Nancie being the nice person she is kind of looked out for the baby so Amy could have the night off. Nancie and Amy developed a friendship when Nancie worked at the firm. I go a real surprise when they gave me a holiday card and inside was a crisp fifty dollar bill. What meant more than the money was the thought. It is so nice that they appreciate me.

Speaking of that. The last three years I have been sitting at desk back in the warehouse. This year they remodeled the firm and added an office. I am going to be in that office now. A nice office with a door and everything!

The Weather Today:.

The vibes worked well but this morning the snow started to fall. When I woke up this morning there was no snow just a little ice. After an hour of Sunday Paper surfing I looked outside and there was an inch of snow on the ground. It has been snowing off and on, some sticking, some not. In a real weird quirk it snows harder in the front yard then the backyard. It is predicted to be doing this on and off for the next three days. I cancelled my lunch with Mom today and it just seems like a good day to read, watch football, pay bills, and work around the house.


Last week was a full week. The party last night was insightful in some ways. Even though Nancie and I went our separate ways it was really nice having her there. That feeling of being a fifth wheel kind of disappeared. Friday was the seminar and I learned a few things, like accounting seminars are boring. Thursday, Wednesday, and Tuesday were at Mom's and after a tense day on Tuesday the other days were fun and pleasant. Monday was errands and work. Sunday was taking Mom to lunch.


Looks like an easy week which will allow be the time I need to get ready to go back to work. Today it is home rule. At home and doing little things that need to be done. Of course there will be time to watch The Golden Globe Award show. Tomorrow is a movie and some shopping. At the party when the gift game was going on I "stole" a book store gift card from Tony. The gift game. Everyone draws numbers. Then gifts are picked in number order. If you don't like the gift you got, you can steal someone else's gift and then they pick what was going to be your gift for themselves. I was number 12. The best gift was a Barnes & Noble gift card. I stole it from Tony. He was kind of disappointed so I thought I would use part of the card to buy him a book. Tuesday is another errand day. Wednesday and Thursday are at Mom's. Friday is lunch with friend. Saturday is Mom's 96th birthday.

The blog is now yours. Give me an update on your lives. Post anything you damn well please. Then? Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Glad the weather worked for the party. Checked the website - nice place! Congrats on the gift cards, kudos to Nancie for helping Amy and I'm not a bit surprised by the "bonus" you received from the company. Glad you're staying in today. Snow over ice can be deadly.

A productive week around here, despite app'ts with chiro, massage therapist and optho. Editorial time, pool, line dance, dinner at the Hibachi Grill with friends. Yesterday was some serious cleaning and putting the house back together. New rule: No more than three items on any given surface; store, pitch or give away anything left over. (This does not apply to the office, 'tho maybe it should and will in future.) Pruned some plants, pitched one that should have gone out several months ago. Cleared clutter on my desk and spent part of today reading accumulated magazines and moving them to the recycle shelf.

Applying the Happiness resolutions of do at least one nagging task a day and do-it-now has been beneficial to my mental health, as well as getting things done. Like the author, I'm not sure I'm "happier," (it's only been two weeks) but I do feel more content and maybe that's part of "happy" for me. I also seem to have more positive energy, as I remove nagging issues.

Took Scamp to the little park down in TR for her first "strange environment/see strangers" outing this afternoon, bundling both of us up against the chill, and she earned lots of gold stars. She did pretty well on the "heel" command, when I didn't want her running the length of the leash, and real well on "sit and stay," so long as I didn't demand more than ten seconds (ya gotta start somewhere). More important, she pretty much ignored people (except when the little boys were running and screaming, but she quelled the small barks on command) and she totally ignored the other dogs in the park, as if they were beneath her notice (g). While I do want to socialize her with other dogs, the fact that she's neither afraid of them nor aggressive toward them is the major issue. I think she's tuckered - she's been lap napping since we got home. (Okay, that's my brag for the week.)

Next week looks quiet, with the standard editorial hours, pool, line dance, groceries and domestic duties. One of the other things I'm doing, my own resolution for the HP, is starting to plan meals ahead, which has reduced my frustration and resentment about cooking (not my favorite sport) and trying to decide how to answer the "what's for dinner" question at 5:00 pm, without a clue to the answer. I get stuff out of the freezer in the morning or the night before, use what we've stockpiled in the freezer or, if it's "leftovers" and I know Himself won't like it, decide whether I'll eat it for lunch or bite the bullet and pitch it. (Decluttering takes many forms - Wry G)

Pat said...

Very nice of them to give you a little financial appreciation. I know it means more than just the money. And your getting an office with a door and everything means a lot more than $50, I'm sure. {g}

So you just learned that accounting seminars are boring? I suspect that's a lesson you learned a while back and tried to forget.

I love the gift game, but I always feel guilty when I covet someone else's prize. It doesn't stop me from stealing it, but I do feel bad about it.

DR, I'm picking up the "Happiness Project" from the library today (if they are open today--they may be observing MLK Day early). Not sure when I'll actually read it, but stay tuned and see if I sound happier. {g}

William J. said...


We are paying for the weather now. Ice this morning, then melting, then snow overnight. I was just shocked by the bonus because they had already given me a hundred bucks on 4-15.

Wow was your week both busy and productive. I bet the dinner with friends was great! I really don't like cleaning but I like the way things look after I am done.

I am so happy to hear the happiness project is working for you!

It sure sounds like Scamp passed the test. And I am glad she has a good self-image and is better than those other annoying dogs there.

The next week looks pretty busy to me. When I am at Mom's I always plan meals ahead. It really is both a time saver and a mind saver.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

The firm really goes the extra mile to make the employees happy. More son than any I've been associated with, including mine.

I'm a slow learner. And I forget very easily so I have to be constantly retrained how boring accounting seminars are.

I always feel quilty too and it usually keeps me from stealing gifts but I need some books to read so I went for it.

I am also picking up the Happiness Project today assuming I can get out of my drive way.