Saturday, January 28, 2012

Building Love.

Did you ever play with Leggos as a kid? As an adult? I did and I found the following video kind of interesting:

We often built buildings with Leggos and the buildings were often beautiful. We never thought about marrying one of the buildings that we created, however. Is that to our credit or our detriment?

If you decide to shred your all of your cash and don't really don't know what to do with it here is an idea for you:

Off to Mom's to do her books and then take her to lunch!

Comment Away.


Pat said...

I hope today is much less exciting than yesterday, Bill, and that you have a good day at your mom's.

Once again, I couldn't get the Lego video. Like the last one I couldn't get, it said "loading" forever, with "done" in my bottom toolbar, but nothing ever showed up.

I have to say that I do not approve of marrying a building, though I do kind of see the bride's point that if a corporation can be a person, why can't a building? I can't quite come up with a moral objection to the marriage, so I guess I'll just have to wish the bride well, even though TPTB are determined to kill the groom.

I can't say I love the billion euro house, but I admire the effort, and in fact I do like some of his art works. I love the comment about the euro being a great insulator.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Today was pretty normal! Got Mom's books pretty much done. Had a nice lunch with Mom. We went out for Chinese food so there was enough left over for dinner for her and the caregiver.

Because you both had trouble with the video yesterday I tested the first video twice to make sure it worked. It did take a while to load. Sometimes when a video is taking to long to load I stop the process and start over. Sometimes that speeds up the process and soemtimes it doesn't. Often after I get the word done, it isn't really done and keeps on loading.

I don't have any moral objection to marrying a building either other than stupidity. I think the marriage does have merit as a protest to the Supreme Court declaring cooperations people. So I join you in wishing the bvride will.

I don't love the euro billion house either but I like the creativity.