Friday, January 6, 2012

Monkeying Around

This was front page news in today's Oregonian and in several papers nationwide:

Amazing, no?

This was one of the top stories on the five o'clock news last night:

I usually don't drive that much when I have a cold, I just don't feel like. I feel like laying on the couch and complaining. Do you drive with a cold?

The rumor has it that colds can be caused by stress so stay away from these jobs:

Most of the jobs on the list don't surprise me, but event coordinator?

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Not sure what to think about the chimeric monkeys. It does sometimes seem to me that we are fiddling with things we maybe shouldn't tamper with. OTOH, I have high hopes for the usefulness of stem cells someday. Is that the same thing? I don't know. They seem to be linking the two fields of research, at least in theory.

I always drove with a cold when I was working. And I guess I still do, only not unless I really need to get somewhere. I'd question the similarity between a cold and "a few shots of whiskey". Certainly as they called it "four double whiskeys". That's really LOT of whiskey.

Interesting about the stressful jobs. They don't surprise me, either, even event coordinator. I'd imagine that would be stressful. You're dealing with people who want their event to be perfect and are probably not realistic about what's possible. I'd question more the corporate executive or the public relations executive. But maybe it's because I have no idea what either of those jobs involves.

I was thinking recently that my mother probably lived to almost 106 not only because of lifelong healthy habits, but because her life was relatively stress-free. Not that everyone doesn't have stresses, as I'm sure she did, but comparatively, her life didn't include those related to trying to get or keep a job or whether she'd earn enough to eat in any particular month. So it made me wonder what the longevity stats are for those stressful jobs.

Lady DR said...

I'm ambivalent about the money study. If it can help with stem cell research and prove effective and helpful, I can see the value. The issues raised about what happens to those primates who don't make the cut or suffer is another issue. I do understand research on the primates is a much closer approximation to humans than research with rodents. Like I said, ambivalent.

Interesting information about driving with a cold. I think the case is overstated - the comparison to alcoholic intake - but some of the OTC stuff can make you drowsy and slow response time and, just feeling miserable, does the same. Given a serious cold or the flu, I prefer to stay home, warm, dry, relatively immobile, until I begin to feel somewhat human, but that's mostly been because I don't care to "share the wealth," more than driving concerns.

The stressful jobs don't surprise me, although the differences in income kind of does. Event coordinator didn't surprise me, any more than Pat. While not an official title, I've held positions that included that as a responsibility and my s-i-l often has to do that with seminars and kick-offs and such. Everyone expects you to make everything perfect for everyone, even though "everyone's" opinion of "perfect" is different. I can also understand the CEOs, but at least they're getting paid for it, unlike may of the others, doing (IMHO)more important jobs. I kind of expected to see teachers, in the list, given all they have to deal with.

Pat, good point on the issues with your mom. It does make you wonder how stress levels compare with mortality levels. It's interesting that many of the older generation are living to their hundreds, while those in younger generations are passing at the ages of mid-forties to early sixties.

Pat said...

I just read DR's comment and want to clarify something. I'd drive with a cold, but not if I'd been taking any kind of cold medication. Those OTC things all make me very sleepy, so not conducive to good driving.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

It looks that I am the only excited about the Monkeys. It could lead to the cure for so many diseases. I don't think it is the same thing as stem cells but I don't really know for sure.

Four double whiskeys is a heck of a lot to drink and I would also question that someone would be that impaired with just a cold. When I held jobs with others I usually called in sick with a cold.

I just never thought in terms of an event coordinator being close to the same level as first responders in stress. But know that you point it ou the public relations executive doesn't seem to stressful to me unless Charlie Sheen is you client.

Intersting point about your Mom. I think stress was no doubt a contrubting factor to a long life. That and a damn good daughter.


William J. said...


Maybe because the study is in my area I am firmly in the camp of the Monkeys being a good thing.

It looks like we all agree that the cold article is a bit overstated. There used to be an OTC drug called Compose, I reacted terribly to that. I am to miserable to be around when I have a cold so I perfer to stay home!

The differences in income is surprising. I have never but on a business event but had some events that I put on like the cousin reunion and the hosting of one Netstock. Looking back it was kind of stressful. But in a weird way a lot of fun as I enjoyed and when it was successful I liked being the hero. I expected to see teachers and caregivers on the list.


William J. said...


I agree with you re cold medication my reaction to some of those OTC drugs is traumatic.