Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Back to a two night, three day week at Mom's. Will head over there at two after lunch and be there until Thursday night. Of course there will be some excursions home during that time while Mom naps to take care of the blog, etc.

I am just doing what I think are interesting articles today. No common thread. It destroys my organized personality but so be it.

So might say the blog is going to the birds after reading the first article:


From birds to some interesting research:


From research to the dangerous. Well at least what the TSA considers dangerous.


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Good bird article. I really like "Airstrike Bird Control". I wonder if the raptors are allowed to eat what they catch.

I didn't know about Stephen Hawking's slowed speech. I sure hope they can help him, though the ideas mentioned really sound like science fiction.

So now cupcakes are terrorist tools, who knew? Heavy sigh.

I hope with the back and forth from your mom's you are still taking care of that leg. Elevate!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I kind of think they aren't allowed to eat what they catch and that is where the training comes in.

I was kind of surprised about Hawking's slowed speech also. I also hope they help him and even it is science fiction that does the touch maybe we can use it for others!

Cupcakes are for eating not blowing up, apparently TSA didn't get the memo.

My leg has improved tremendously. It itches like heck right now which from what I read means it is healing. At least I hope that is what it means.


Lady DR said...

Like I said yesterday, it doesn't sound like a week for following doctors instructions on the leg, so I'm glad to see your response to Pat that it's better. Since I enjoyed all three articles,your organized personality can rest easy.

Interesting about the raptor birds resolving the garbage issue. Kind of helping along the natural food chain, which we've made unnatural.

Like both of you, the article about Hawking surprised me. I'd no idea he was battling such challenges. Actually, I don't think I knew he had MS. His survival of that is amazing, to say nothing of what he's accomplished.

Unfortunately, in my mind, TSA and other aspects of certain "Homeland Security" issues takes me back to not being able to fix stupid. One of the reasons I'll drive, rather than fly, anytime I have a choice. There are just too many ridiculous stories out there, including the incident with Mom, when (at the age of 90, she had to get out of her wheelchair, to go through the security "arch," the wheelchair disappeared while she did that and she was then subjected to a full search of herself and her luggage and getting her to her gate became a real challenge. Is it any wonder she refuses to fly anymore?

William J. said...


The cut is decreasing in size and pain so it is healing pretty well.

Thanks for putting my mind at ease re the artilces!

Sometimes I wonder if we wouldn't all be better off if just to let nature take its course in all things.

I didn't know Hawking had MS and you are right it just makes what he accomplished even more amazing.

Today there was an article in the paper about American Airlines charging more if you want your family to sit together on a plane. Mother, father, son it is four bucks a piece to get you to sit in the same row. I don't care how much longer it takes I am driving.