Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The Rose Bowl Summary. It was the best game in the history of the Rose Bowl. Records set. The highest combined points by two team in the 117 years of the game. The longest run from scrimmage in the history of the game (91 yards by true Freshman DeAnthony Thomas). The most poins scored by a losing team. The most combined yards by the two teams in the history of the the game. My friend (DR's & Pat's) Shirley and her husband were at the game and her words were "incredibly exciting." These two teams could play ten times and Wisconsin would win five times and Oregon would win five times. Yesterday Oregon got the breaks. Oregon 45 Wisconsin 38.

On to today's entry which is all about studies.

First up is a study about a park I used to go to frequently as a child. Yellowstone National Park:


From the good study to the bad one:


I am certainly hoping the corn survives. I can't go to a movie without eating popcorn.

From the bad study to the very troubling one:


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Pat said...

Congratulations to the ducks and Ellen, condolences. I have to admit that while I planned to root for both of your teams, I forgot the whole thing until I saw the result this morning.

I'm glad the wolves are doing well and being a boon to Yellowstone. I'm always glad of a good wolf story, as opposed to stories about idiots shooting them from helicopters.

The corn story is intriguing. We use our tech know-how to do good things, and oops! Maybe there's a downside we didn't anticipate.

Why am I not surprised that India is doing illegal drug trials? With such huge populations, it seems some countries' respect for all humans' rights is suspect at best. Seems it's quite the opposite here, where it takes forever to even get to human trials for promising drugs.

Lady DR said...

Wow, sounds like it was quite a game and both you and Ellen are to be congratulated on how well your teams played.

Good news on the wolves helping in Yellowstone. There are so many natural patterns in nature, we sometimes mess with them to our own detriment. I can, to some extent, sympathize with the ranchers. We didn't have wolves, but coyotes became a major issue with livestock in the Midwest at one point, I recall.

Bad news on the corn. It sounds like a lot of farmers aren't following the guidelines, but depending on the "new" corn to resolve the problem. Rotating crops has always been a preventative measure for concientious (sp?) farmers and even applies to home vegetable gardens. From what I garnered from the article, it appears that, once again, greed (price of corn) is driving many to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. When will we ever learn?

The article on the clinical trials is appalling, if they're really doing that many trials on unsuspecting patients, many of whom, I suspect, are poor and under-educated and, possibly, so sick, they don't understand what's going on. Like Pat, I wish we could find a happy medium for safe and secure drug trials, as it sometimes seems it takes forever to get a really positive drug on the market here. However, India's situation and approach sounds pretty grim.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

It was really fun to watch the game with sis, bro, and mom.

I think we should let the idiots that sh0ot the wolfs from helicopters jump out of the helicopters without parachutes.

That was exactly why I shared the corn article. Technology isn't always good.

If only we could met in the middle with drugs being approved faster her and the tests be more humane in other countries.


William J. said...


Many are saying it was the best Rose Bowl game ever.

If men would only step back and let the natural patterns work maybe the country would be better off.

And I don't know how we get the farmers to follow the guidelines. We always rotated crops on our very small farm. As long as there are men there will always be greed. And almost always it will be to society's detriment.

Of course the patients are poor the rich would get medical care in other countries or the best doctors in their own country.