Saturday, January 14, 2012

Party, Snow, & Taxes.

I do not know what this day will bring. The company party is tonight at 6:00. I am picking up Nancie at 5:30 and then heading to downtown Portland where the party is. I asked Nancie to go with me because I just couldn't see two cars fighting for parking spaces. These are the plans. However, the weatherman is predicting snow tonight. Anywhere from one inches to five inches of snow coming anywhere between this afternoon and after ten tonight. I am thinking it will mean leaving the party early rather than not go to the party. Wish me safe travels and the snow holds off until after ten tonight after I have arrived safely home.

Since this is a party of CPA types let's talk taxes:

And since most of us are sit at the desk types I am kind of excited about the next article:

After I get home tonight and hopefully then watch the snowfall through my window to the backyard I am going to try to get warm. Keeping warm can sometimes being expensive. Now I have some hints on how to keep costs down:

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Pat said...

Good weather wishes coming for party night, Bill. Have a great time, you and Nancie!

I love the bogus irs's spelling. Submition? Really?

It's nice that there might be a hormone we could take that would negate the need for exercise. I'm not holding my breath, though.

I do forget to close the fireplace vent. But I live in SoCA, so it doesn't really matter much. What a pretty room, that first one in the slideshow!

I do use a space heater once in a while, and all winter I use the one in the bathroom before I take a shower. That room gets COLD when you're wet. I also leave the oven door open after the cooking in there is done. It not only lets the heat out, but shortens the running time of the fan. I don't have flannel sheets, but I have fleece ones that are even more cuddly and soft. And warm.

No insulated curtains here, and no humidifier either. I think I have a humidifier... now where is it, I wonder? I have lots of fuzzy socks and wear them all the time when indoors. All good suggestions in that article.

Lady DR said...

Sending positive vibes that any predicted snow will hold off until you and Nancie have enjoyed the company party and returned home. Yes, better to go and watch the weather and maybe leave early than not go at all (which would probably guarantee there would be no snow).

The IRS article was interesting. Anything that comes in email asking for personal information gets deleted in this house. Like Pat, I picked up on several typos in the IRS message. Typos from any supposed agency or financial institution usually send me to the delete key.

The idea of the pill to take the place of exercise is interesting, but I don't see it happening. It doesn't mention affecting the emotional hormones that make you feel good. Then again, if the pill somehow manipulates people into actually getting some real exercise...

Good points in the energy article. We use flannel sheets (and, yes, it do make getting up in the morning difficult - wry s) and I've lots of fuzzy slippers, compliments of my sister and her trips to the AZ flea market. Don't use space heaters, do have a small humidifier in the bedroom. Actually, I'd like to convert the fireplace to gas logs and, much as I like the louvered windows, 'cause you can keep them open when it rains, we'd be well served to replace the windows in the living room and bedroom, as I know they're an energy drain.

Looking forward to hearing about the party.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The bad weather never came. It is a little icey out there this morning but no snow. The party was fun and they gave me fifty dollars I wasn't expecting.

The IRS scammers are neither good spellers or up on IRS procedures yet so many people are so scared of the IRS that they still fall for the scams.

Holding your breath is exercise so maybe we don't need the pill!

I don't have a space heater and my curtains aren't isolated. My bathroom also gets cold. I don't have flannel sheets either. I can't use a humidifier due to allergies. I could save quite a bit of money if I adopted some of the ideas in the article.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

The vibes work no snow. Ice after I got home. It was also a fun party and even though Nancie and I kind of went our separate ways (she had some old freinds she wanted to talk to) it was a delight having her with me. It just made me feel better having her with me. I got both a fifty dollar bill and a fifty dollar book gift card.

IRS never uses email. I am like you, any email I get asking for personal info gets dumped.

It wouldn't surprise me if they did have a pill to simulate exercise. I say that because of the number of inventions we have now that I never thought we would have. Good point on the hormones!

I don't have fuzzy slippers or flannel sheets. I think it is a great idea to convert the fireplace to gas logs. I have a gas fireplace that you just turn on by a switch. It heats the entire neighborhood. I could save a lot of money following some of the points in the article. I do get a combined report for the gas/lights every month. I am always in the top twenty percent of the neighborhood.