Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have been spending the morning ponder whether or not I would make a good Wal-Mart greeter. Can't be to stressful. Certainly less stressful than doing taxes. I just not real happy about the lawsuits that employees have filed against them and in some cases won because of the way they treated employees. However, I discovered there is a new company on the horizon that very well could replace Wal-Mart as a leading employer:

I was also pondering where I could go to get out of the range of politicians. I'm just tired of their musings. What do you know, I found the perfect place to eat:

While eating I was pondering certain places. The way my mind works I just don't ponder the best places to visit, I ponder the places not to visit:

Do you think I would make a good Wal-Mart greeter? Would you go to a restaurant that banned politicians? Where would like not to vist?

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Bravo to the All American Store! If there was one nearby, I'd shop there. Unfortunately, I'm not a big shopper, so I probably wouldn't help their bottom line much, but my heart would be in the right place.

I'll meet you for lunch at Colby's. What a good idea to ban politicians in New Hampshire right now!

I think I'll NOT visit those "worst cities" with you. But the one shot of the ship in Port Moresby is intriguing. I'd like to know more about that ship. Looking at the favela in Rio, I'm reminded how surprising it is that there, the poor hovels are on the hills, where around here, that's the expensive property. Too bad they can't see the light like us and suddenly the poor would have a lot of equity.

I think you would make a wonderful Walmart greeter. I just wonder why they have greeters at all, and frankly, I think it would be annoying, but we have no Walmart nearby (yet), so I don't know from experience. I would definitely go to a restaurant that banned politicians, and I'll visit none of the cities in the photo gallery, thanks.

Lady DR said...

You'd make a lovely Walmart greeter, Bill, but I just don't see that as your destiny.

Is the All American Store going to branch out or is it just in OH? I've never heard of it. I remember when Walmart so proudly declared its good were all "made in America." That's sure gone by the wayside? I'd be happy to shop a AAS.

Colby's may be small, but I like the statement they're making. Be interesting to see if other "mom and pop" eateries (which this appears to be) might elect to do the same. Even more interesting if some of the chain eateries, like Appleby's or the like, followed their example.

I think I'll avoid the "featured" places to visit, thank you.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am hoping that the All American Store branches out. I would love to give them my business! My take from the article is that they are expanding.

Lunch at Colby's is a go. And no talking politics!

Interesting I thought the ship looked pretty interesting also but really couldn't find out any more about it even though I looked. Interesting difference that you noted between their poor and ours.

It does seem to be a little overkill to have greeters. At least it kept the senior citizens employed.


William J. said...


I don't know thing of the people I would meet as a greeter!

I think the All American store is expanding and I am hoping we get one here.

I also like what Colby's is doing. And I am with you, wouldn't it be great if a chain like Applebees's or The Outback followed suit?

I am also with you and won't be visiting the mentioned places plus a few others!