Sunday, January 29, 2012


Been a busy morning. Paying bills. Doing my own books. Cleaning house. After I post this blog entry then it is finishing Mom's books and working on a client's books. Let's do updates today. We haven't hard from Dona for a very long time. Maybe she will check in. Mary Z has also been missing in action. I am going to check both of their blogs this afternoon and will report back if I find anything out.

Last week. Sunday a day of rest. Monday errands and work. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at Mom's. That include some nice dinners at home and some nice dinners out. Several games of Scrabble. On Wednesday afternoon some of Mom's friends came over and played bridge with her. I got the tables and house all set up for the game and then spent the afternoon playing and running errands for Mom. We also played a lot of Scrabble the days bridge didn't take over. Somewhere during the week I fought off fifteen cop cars and a murder suspect. Friday I went to the movie, ONE FOR THE MONEY. It is based on Janet Evanovich's first book. I thought the casting was off but the movie wasn't half bad. I would have had either an unknown or Sandra Bullock as Plum, Banderas as Ranger, and someone else as Morrelli. On Saturday I took Mom to lunch.

Coming up next week. Today is work. Tomorrow is dinner with the family. Tuesday is the movie THE ARTIST. Wednesday and Thursday are at Mom's. Friday is getting ready of reporting for work the following week. Saturday is more of the same.

That's my weeks. Last and next. Now it is your turn. Tell me what is going on with you. Spill your guts, tell me your secrets, and post anything you damn well please.


Lady DR said...

Gosh, I wonder if anyone will ever share secrets? I don't have any.

I had a lovely week with no app'ts beyond the pool and line dance. Did editorial. Run to Costco. Made a definite dent in paperwork, paying bills, filing, recycling. Yea! Spent part of an afternoon doing target practice, joined by our neighbor, who invited himself up. Found and ordered a reasonably priced device which will convert taped music cassettes to your computer, so you can make CDs and download to MP3s or iPods. Since we have a lot of tapes that were never moved to CD, they'll be lost otherwise. 'Sides, my Rav doesn't have a tape player and there are some I definitely want for the trip west and for the MP3, which I use when cleaning, doing yardwork or yarn projects. Yesterday was the Sr. Sweethearts Ball, a fund raiser by Mauldin high school for the students-at-risk program, which Senior Action supports. Line dancers were there in force, we did a brief teaching bit and several joined us just to try the dances, from the "oldsters" to the students. Btw, the students organize the whole thing, the ROTC cadets especially. As was the case last year, gives one a very positive perspective on today's teens, including the fact they're willing to go to a lot of work to help fellow students who are at risk, for various reasons, usually an issue in their home life.

Today was putzing and piddling. Loaded more music on the MP3 (have to read the directions every time), played with Mel's prayer shawl and another I'm experimenting with, waded through a couple magazines, played outside with the Scamp and did some obedience training.

Tomorrow I start research to see if I can gather needed information to apply for a grant from Ollie for self-publishing and e-publishing my cancer book and Choices book. A friend in Ollie is on the committee and came to me and suggested I apply, I've been pondering the idea for months, I have the time, as the current project is going well and I can take a couple days off, Himself is very supportive of the idea. So, good thoughts I can meet the grant requirements to apply, then I'll be asking for good thoughts I "win" one of the grants, which won't be announced until May, please. Too many things saying this is something to go for, it's time to at least make the books available, one way or another.

William J. said...


I have a hard enough time getting people to share updates about their lives let alone secrets but it was worth a shot.

Glad you had a lovely week. It is always fun when you make a dent in paperwork. I want to hear how you do with making CDS and converting cassettes. That sounds hard. I always admire your fundraisers and the line dancing always sounds so much fun. A big yea for the students that organize them.

I am sending positive vibes your way that you succeed in getting a grant for a number of reason. Besides being a friend I think the cancer book is helpful and needed.