Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, Monday.

Let's start the week off with a question:

What would you do if the Internet went down? I'd cry and then I would go back to my old ways. Would that be a bad thing?

Instead of ordering sandwiches over the Internet, I might go to a restaurant. Maybe there would be some surprises waiting for me:

I am hoping for a Norman Rockwell sandwich.

Let's end Monday with a bit of good news:

If we can help find the cause of autism then the cure can't be far behind.

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Lady DR said...

While Himself dragged me kicking and screaming into the world of the internet, starting with CIS "back in the day," going back to my old ways would be a somewhat difficult transition. I don't do Facebook, Twitter or the social sites. However, a few days without email contact with friends does tend to make me twitchy, edging toward cranky. I rely on the web for my news, since the local paper is a non-starter. And I use the net extensively for contact with clients, for research on editorial projects and for research on fun stuff, from dog training to knitting patterns to craft ideas and recipes. Yes, I could go to the library for some things, but not client contact and research for editing projects would take a *whole* lot more time and travel. Would I survive? Of course. Would I be happy? Not so much.

I'm afraid none of the art sandwiches appealed to me particularly. I think I'll stay with my old standards.

Finding the cure for autism would be a godsend for so many!

Pat said...

Back among the living after a weekend attending a big Linux Conference. Fun but tiring.

If the Internet went down, I'd do as you, Bill. I'd cry and be frustrated, then I suppose I'd bite the bullet and go back to making the hated phone calls I needed to do before the Net. And write actual letters. I still read books and use tv and radio, so that wouldn't change. I dropped Facebook and Twitter and now I find them annoying in that so many people put information ONLY on those sites, so I miss a lot of things. Other information retrieval would certainly be harder, but hey, we managed before the Net. Now we're spoiled and it would be hard to go back.

Cute art sandwiches, but somehow they don't look awfully appetizing. I like the Christos one. It's still a mystery what's inside.

So now it's "Autism Spectrum Disorder" presumably covering a multitude of ailments and degrees of same. This is the first I've heard of lumping them together like that.

William J. said...


I went to the Internet to follow my nieces college basketball career when women's basketball didn't get any coverage anywhere else. Now I am addicted! I do do Facebook but not Twitter. Not having email would be really diofficult. I read two papeers a day and then the Internet so I may be OK news wise but would feel socially disconnected. I'd also survive but not happily.

I kind of liked the creativity of the sandwiches.

I am all for finding a cure for anything!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

So nice to see you back! Conferences are fun but they are tiring because you can't take your normal breaks.

In some ways it might be good for us if the Internet went down. You hit on many of them. Phone calls and actual letters. I kind of like Facebook but never do Twitter. I have a Twitter account but don't do anything with it.

The sandwiches really don't look appetizing but I might try them because I like the creativity.

They have so many different things now then what they used to. It is interesting that they lumped a lot of illnesses together in one title.