Friday, January 20, 2012

The Late Bill Dahn

It has been a really busy day so far. I've been going since early this morning. Mom's birthday is tomorrow so had to do some things related to that. So far this morning, didn Mom's grocery shopping and delivered them to her house. Went to the bank. Bought Mom's birthday gift and card. Met with a friend for lunch. I called Rose's the restaurant where we are taking Mom tomorrow. They don't take reservations but I thought I should warn them that fourteen of their closest friends will be walking through their doors at 4:30 tomorrw. Then did my own grocery shopping. Shoot I haven't even had time to respond to emails. I know I owe DR a couple of responses.

We haven't done open houses for a while:

I like the ones in Los Angeles, Austin, and Portland.

I've come up with a surefire way to get enough money to buy one or two of them:

After buying the three our four houses in the first article you will still have a lot of money left over to buy a few bottles of soda. Want to know what to do with the bottles?

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Pat said...

Happy Birthday and many happy returns to your mom! I hope she enjoys her party at Rose's.

Of the houses, I like the New York one a lot, and the Los Angeles one for the view Don't like the Portland one at all, with those big, fat pillars on the porch.

I'd call the bank and laugh about it if they "gave" me a billion dollars. For small errors, I usually search and search and in the end find it was actually an error of mine, not theirs. One time I think they actually made a $100 mistake in my favor. I just gratefully accepted it and heard no more about it. But maybe it was my error anyway.

I should do that one about putting a soda bottle in the toilet tank. I think I did that at one time, with something of a similar size. Can't remember why I stopped doing it. Maybe the toilet didn't flush well with it in there, or maybe when they changed the hardware in the tank, there was no room for it any more.

Lady DR said...

Please wish your mom all the best tomorrow and give her a hug from me. What a happy day to look forward to.

Houses... the LA picture and view appeal to me, but none of the houses gave lot size and that's a deal breaker for me. If I can't have an acre to call my own (preferably fenced), the rest doesn't matter.

The bank errors... while I agree that folks shouldn't just take the money and run, why do the banks have no culpability in these errors?

Good ideas for the recycling. Pity we don't buy the large liter bottles .

Lady DR said...

Bill, could we have some updates, maybe in tomorrow's post?

How goes it with your cousins who are fighting cancer?

How's Duane (is that right?) doing, how are the two Mikes doing, with their losses and cancer issues and how is Ted doing in recovering from his heart surgery?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Mom thanks you. I am going to copy your message and DR's and give them to her.

I kind of like the pillars.

I don't know if I would call the bank right away. Make the bank suffer for a while before I fess up. I would tell the truth but as much as I dislike banks I'd make them suffer.

There are three or four items I would use on the soda list.


William J. said...


Mom thanks you and I will pass on the wishes

A double level house is a dealbreaker for me and there are so few single level houses around.

Great question about the banks! They should suffer something for making mistakes. At least they should be forced to admit their mistake.

I will update you on my relatives today when I post.