Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow & Procrastination

The snow is still falling but sticking sometimes and not sticking sometimes. Supposed to be like this until noon tomorrow. Bean a lot of accidents because people just don't adjust their driving habits to the road conditions. Some end up in the hospital:


So what would you do if you had gotten this bill?

We need some good news today after yesterday was the saddest day of the year:


With the snow coming down some people find it as an excuse to procrastinate. Why make excuses for something can be defined as being good for you:


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Pat said...

Funny story about the $44 million hospital bill. I'm not sure I'd have even been surprised, but I would surely call and ask them to itemize.

I had a similar though less shocking experience when I was billed for $1,132, which was supposedly my part of a $35K bill for 1.5 days in the hospital just for tests. I didn't call right away to ask for an itemization because of the holidays, and before I got around to it, I got another bill with all the same information except the "adjustment", whatever that is, was higher. Amount to me: $100. I paid it quickly and happily.

Good for Samantha, but I'm not sure I'd want to be seen as "a strong mussel."

I wish I could say that I procrastinate in a good and productive way. Well, I could say that, but would have to add lying to my list of faults.

Lady DR said...

Well, my other friend in Portland will be delighted with the snow, which she dearly enjoys.

The hospital bill would likely have given me apoplexy when I opened it. I can only imagine the affect on some poor senior citizens.

Neat story on the gal who's up for finalist in the Intel competition. I'm glad to see an area that's doing its best to get the homeless into shelters and to help those who are in financial straits through no fault of their own.

Sorry, can't buy off on the article on procrastination being a good thing. Doesn't work that way at all for me, but then maybe I'm not using "good" kinds of procrastination. I've always been a procrastinator and, for the most part, it's not a healthy choice for me. The stuff hangs over my head and nags at me and builds stress and anxiety. Took me some time to realize that. I'm all for family time and leisure and hobbies, but am realizing I enjoy those more if I can get certain tasks done first. One of the HP author's resolutions was a combination of "do it now" and "get one nagging task accomplished each day." It's working well for me. I've used this approach before and it worked, so why I quit... who knows? Do I still procrastinate? Of course. I think it's in my genes (wry s). However, the one task a day and do it now (like finding five minutes of unscheduled time and paying just three bills or ironing two shirts) seems to have a positive affect on my day and attitude. Go figure.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I think if I got a 44 million dollar bill there would be a moment of hesitation that I would believe it, then I would laugh, and then I would get ticked.

Interesting experience on your bill. I think you did the right thing by paying it pronto.

I don't think I would want to be a storn mussel either. I do hope Samanta wins.

I usually don't procrastinate because I don't think it is a good thing. However, there are some instances where it pays off.


William J. said...


Just rain here but watching the TV a mile or two over there is some serious snow. I don't mind the snow. Ice yes, snow no.

Good point about the hospital bill and senior citizens. The makings of a lawsuit.

We are really trying here with our homeless. Some local cities are trying harder than others.

I am with you on procrastination. Doesn't work that way with me either. If I put anything off for a day then I pretty much forget about it, which makes it worse. I like doing one nagging task a day. I was going to the book store to get the Happiness Project but snow kept me from it. I think the doing on nagging task a day would help your attitude because it would take away a worry a day.