Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Staying Healthy

How about health today? Seems like a good thing after a tense day at Mom's yesterday. I am hoping I can get over the hurtful things said so that today is more pleasant. I am going to do my best. It is the best way to stay healthy.

Old news for many but still worth sharing:

Staying healthy and doing things into your nineties. A nice goal and charming when it succeeds:

I doubt very much that the star of the next article will live into his nineties. He is just to adventurous (translated, stupid.)

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Pat said...

Oh, no! Sorry your day at Mom's was tense, and apparently for reasons that didn't need to be. I hate hearing about hurtful things being said, and I hope you can just consider the source and let them go into limbo.

I've been hearing about the benefits of wine in general and red wine in particular for years now. Most times I see an article and vow to have at least one glass every evening. Then I don't do it. Somehow drinking at home just isn't fun any more, even if it's just a glass of wine. What is to become of me? {g}

Bravo to the seniors who are out there being athletic. If only everyone could be as healthy and active into old(er) age.

The whole Wallenda family is nuts, if you ask me. But I guess they make money somehow from these stunts, and that seems to be the bottom line for everyone. Me? I wouldn't walk (or ride a bike) on a high wire for all the money in the world.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

It is going to be hard letting these hurtful comments before. I was in another room and didn't hear Mom call. When I told her I didn't hear her I was bascially called a liar that ignored his mom's call for help. Now that I know what Mom really thinks of me it isn't something I am likely to forget anytime soon.

I am with you. Having a glass of wine by yourself just doesn't seem fun. To me either. I wish there was a wine bar within walking distance of my house, if so I might venture out every night.

I loved the 92 year old because it gives me hope that I can stay active for a long time.

You would think the Wallenda family could finder better pasttimes. I am with you, I am not gtting on a high wire for any amount of money in the world.


Lady DR said...

Sorry to hear about the bad day at Mom's and hurtful comments, particularly when there are other times she acknowledges how much you care for and help her. I honestly don't think the comment was an indication of what she really thinks of you. Maybe she was scared? Not that that helps at the moment. Sigh.

I do have a glass of wine in the evening, usually after supper, when I sit down to unwind. There are more studies showing benefits than not.

Great article and encouragement in the article on the seniors. I don't think I know any marathoners, but I sure do know a bunch of active people over the age of seventy and into their nineties and they're mostly happier people. Have seen folks come to pool, somewhat grumpy, because they're always in pain. Usually, within a couple weeks or so, the pain is less, they're able to do more in regular life and you notice a distinct difference in their attitude and sense of humor.

The Walllendas... they've been going this for seven or eight generations. I suppose, to them, the tightwire stunts seem a natural/normal thing to do and I think most of them have lived to a ripe old age, but not sure. Me? With my fear of heights, combined with lack of coordination, I probably couldn't walk a tightrope eight feet off the ground, since I get nervous beyond the second or third step of a ladder (wry s)

William J. said...


I think Mom was more mad than scared and truthfully the fact that she said it tells me she has been thinking it. I probably didn't help matters that much when I told her that if she honestly felt I would purposely ignore her call for help then I had no business being there now or ever. The reaction to that tells me she really meant it.

I've seen numoerous studies about the benefit of wine and only one study that disputed them. I am going with the majority on this one.

I know a few marathoners and a lot of active people over seventy. They are my role models. I have been doing a lot of walking since the start of the year and the more I do the better I feel.

I'm also scared of heights and a well known klutz. So I am probably on the same ladder as you!


Mary said...

Ah Bill. She's old and scared and in pain and has no control over her life anymore. And she's taking it out on you. You are the best son a person could ever hope for. Just hold that part tight and let the rest go. I'm sending you hugs, because I know how hard that is.

Pat said...

Bill, I'm going to go with Mary, who said it so well.

Your mom knows perfectly well all you do for her and that she can absolutely depend on you. That she lashes out when she's scared or frustrated or whatever is, I suppose, normal, but it certainly is hurtful, and I'm glad you at least called her on it. As long as she's more or less with it mentally, I think you should always do that. And then let it go and let her know you're not going anywhere.

William J. said...

Thanks, Mary

Sometimes I forget how old she is and sometimes I think she likes to start arguments just to stir things up and once it is started she doesn't know how to get out of it.

Thanks for calling me a good son, it helps a lot.


William J. said...

Thanks, Pat

Everyone here has helped me a lot. And I am going to follow all of the advise given by you, Mary, & DR.

When I call Mom on it she denies saying it and that just makes it worse for me but I am still going to call her on it. I need to do that to keep my sanity.


Mary said...

I was thinking about this last night (you made my list of things to fuss about in the night! Congratulations!) and it's like the little kids. I remember, they would be just awful at home, and their teachers would tell me how wonderful they were at school. It's because they felt safe at home with me and could get out all the frustration they'd been holding in all day. Same thing. I'd bet money it has nothing whatsoever to do with you.

Keep standing up for yourself, though, even if she denies it. More hugs.

William J. said...

Hi Mary

I am honored to make your list of things to fuss about!

And I think your point has a lot of merit.

In grade school my brother told my he could be good at school or he could be good at home but he couldn't be good both places.

Thanks for the hugs!