Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lotteries, Mysteries, & Movies.

Heading out to Mom for two nights three days there. Before heading out am posting today's entry and starting out with a charming story:


It really should have been my win but I am happy to let him have the glory. Sounds like he needed a boost.

Do you like mysteries? I do:


What do you think the secret plane is doing? I'm thinking it is trying to find out how many of us use coupons. What is your guess?

Today they announced the Oscar Nominations. They changed again how many pictures can be nominated for best picture. It can be anywhere from five to ten. First it was five. Then it was ten. Now it is anywhere from five to ten. If there are only six movies in a year that are good enough for Oscar consideration then six will be nominated. This year nine were nominated. I've seen five of them. The five I have seen:

War House - to me this was the best movie of the year. About a house during World War I.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close - touching movie about 9-11 with a boy searching for his father. Not enough screen time for Hanks or Bullock. To much time for the young actor discovered during Teen Week on Jeopardy, Thomas Horn.

Moneyball - True story about the Oakland Athletics winning the championship without giving players big contracts. Well acted. A little slow.

The Descendants - End of life decisions. Extremely well-acted. Moral decisions. My second favorite movie of the year.

The Help - Maids in Jackson, Mississippi during the sixties. My third favorite movie. Humorous and touching scenes.

The ones that I haven't seen but will:

The Artist - a celebration of silent movies.

The Tree Of Life - Three brothers in the 1950s with the eldest watching the loss of interest.

Hugo - magical better scene in 3D. A young orphan living in a Paris train station uncovers a mystery that jeopardizes his secretive way of life.

One I may or may not see. I am boycotting Woody Allen movies and have for a long time. I just don't think men should marry their daughters step or otherwise.

Midnight In Paris - A romantic comedy about a family traveling to the French capital for business

Here is my dilemma. My goal every year is to see every movie nominated for The Oscars. I've met that goal two out of the last three years. I didn't go to 127 last year because I knew the story and didn't want to watch a man cut off his arm. My question is should I see Midnight In Paris. What is more important, my boycott of Woody Allen or leaving my goal to see all nominated movies wanting?

Comment Away.


Pat said...

What a story! He bought the wrong ticket and WON! And the poor guy needs a kidney transplant! I'm so glad he has the Lottery money to do that rather than buy flashy cars and other such frippery. With $10 million, he can probably get a very nice kidney operation. {s}

Is the X-37B spying on Tiangong-1? Do I care? I guess I'll go with Baker's opinion that it wouldn't be a bad thing, but otoh, I hate to see the Chinese and so many others suspicious that we are spying on them. Otooh, maybe they are spying on us. Do I care about that? Not really. If it's not spying, I have no good guesses. Is it watching to see how we obey traffic laws? I wish it could catch everybody using a cell phone in traffic.

I didn't know they'd announced for the Oscars today. I'm so out of it, with houseguests leaving and a scan app't this morning. Of your first list, the only one I've seen so far is THE HELP. Good, not Oscar-worthy. I want to see the other four you list. Of the next three, I'm not so sure. Haven't seen any, may not want to. Or MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, either.

I didn't see 127 for the same reason you didn't. I had heard it was excellently done, which would make it even harder to see, so I gave it a pass. As to MIDNIGHT, see the picture. Don't abandon your goal. Who cares about Woody Allen's marital life, anyway? I guess they are still married, which may say something good about it. I'm not a big Owen Wilson fan, but whattheheck, see the movie and keep your record intact. You can tell me if it's good.

Lady DR said...

Like Pat, I really enjoyed the story about the guy winning the lottery by accident and he sounds like he certainly deserves it. Heck, with the lottery winnings, he could bypass the insurance company and see if the docs offer him a cash discount.

I've no idea what the secret plane is doing. For all I know, it could be checking coupon use, how many people use which gas stations, how many people use guns for target shooting or hunting. It would be helpful if it were documenting all the people who run red lights. Is it spying? I doubt we'll ever know.

Since we don't do movies, can't comment on the Oscars. As to Moment in Paris... your nickel. IF it really is a good movie and you want to meet your goal, I'd say see it. There are a lot of actors and actresses who do/have done things I much disapprove of and probably many who do things we don't know about. We can't change or control that. If you don't want to support the guy with the price of a ticket, request the DVD from your local library (g).

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I hope he uses his lottery winning for the transplant! 10 Million he might be able to get a new body.

I am also thinking the spying is not a bad thing. I hope they are spying on the enemies instead of us but sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

I hope the scan appointment went well. The WAR HORSE is going to be a classic. The Animal Titantic. The Help had Oscar worthy performances but wasn't an Oscar worth story.

MIDNIGHT IN PARIS is supposed to be really inventive. Sort of a combination of reality and dreams.

One vote to see MIDNIGHT IN PARIS!


William J. said...


I like your idea of a cash discount on a kidney transplant!

Documenting all the people that run red lights plus document those that don't use turn signals. That would be a worthwhile spying project.

Many actors and actress have done things I disapprove of but none of them have married their 13 year-old step daughter. That is just ugly for me. I love your idea of renting the DVD from the Library!