Friday, January 13, 2012

The Best Of The Best.

Off to a seminar today. This one is put on by the seasonal employer of mine and I actually get paid for it. Before leaving thought I would post some articles about the best of the best. Certainly head shakers.

By the way the last two days at Mom's were great so another troubling day is firmly in the background.

Now on to people that have risen to important jobs and jobs of leadership.

The best economists in America:

From the best economists in America to our cherished congress and their leadership abilities:

On to another leadership position:

In all of the articles are people that reached the height of success in their occupation and ended up with well paying leadership positions. I would listen to and place my money on anyone that reads this blog before I would listen to these doofuses. How is it that they end up rich and we stay poor?

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Pat said...

Glad to hear your bad day with mom is firmly in the background. I'm sure she's glad, too. If you could only convince her that she won't feel better on a bad day by making you feel bad, too!

I kind of got lost in page 1 of the Fed article, realized I really didn't care, and moved on to Congress, where the information was downright disgusting. Maybe it was just an extreme lapse of taste, since the organizer had experience in a wildland crew and as was said, "should know better." Still, he deserves whatever he gets.

I'd like more info on the hypnosis story. I didn't even know there was a license to hypnotize people. I've had several laymen try to hypnotize me over the years, with no success even though I was trying to cooperate. A h.s. principal should know better, but I wonder if the hypnosis had anything to do with the suicides, or if the kids were troubled and he thought hypnosis might help.Whatever, he's in big trouble now! According to a second article, he's also accused of "casting spells" on the students. Fire this guy's a$$ whatever happens to the lawsuit.

How is it that these guys get rich and we stay poor? Well, I'm not poor, though far, far from rich, and I don't know about Congressional staffers or h.s. principals, but I doubt they get rich. I'm just happy nobody is suing me. {s}

Lady DR said...

Good to hear about another good day and the bad being in the past.

The Fed article is pretty appalling, given these are the guys running the Fed bank, which pretty much dictates a lot of policy and such. I found the idea that a slowdown in the housing markets would generate positive results in other investment markets a bit beyond my ability to understand. Why didn't anybody ask *why* there was a downturn?That would have been my first questions. People aren't buying houses -> people don't have the money or income -> why not? Instead, it led to banking practices that put people in homes they couldn't afford and are now or have lost to foreclosure. If the "why" question had been addressed, we might not be where we are today.

The fire thing... this is what we pay staffers for? IF so, they don't have enough work to do or work they're not doing (like checking to see exactly what's included in the bills they're bosses are going to vote on). Having two sisters who worked with the legislature, one for the budget committee, the other as Chief Aide to the President of the AK Senate, if staffers are doing their jobs, one of which is to advise their rep/senate member of all the provisions of a bill, including earmarks and hidden items, they're usually working 12/7. Maybe there needs to be a review of "job descriptions."

The story about the principal is scary. Like Pat, I'd like more details. Maybe the guy thought he was helping the two kids he hypnotized, although it doesn't sound as if he was successful.

As to rich and poor... I consider we're blessed, in that we can pay our bills and have some extras, so long as we continue working. My complaint (for lack of a better word) is too many guys (and some gals) are making the big bucks and not earning them, for a variety of reasons.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The first article really interested me because had they now been making jokes or had their head up their asses or thinking that a housing market crash would be good for us they could have taken procedures to stop the housing decline.

I would also like a little more on the hypnosis story but to me a person with half a brain is not going perform hypnosis without their permission unless getting written approval from their parents. I would fire him no matter what.

And that is the point you are smarter than people that are richer than us if life was fair we would be the rich ones!


William J. said...


Yup the guys that were running the bank didn't have a clue what was going with the banks or the housing market. Thinking the housing market slowdown would help other investments is just plain stupid. Why would have been one of my first questions too. The time frame in the article was two years before the decline, they should have been asking How. How to prevent the slow down.

I am with you if this is what we pay staffers for they need to be given a lot more work. You are right a course the good staffers are working overtime daily to keep their bosses advised about what is going on not betting on how many acres will be burned. A review would certainly be in order.

Even if the principal thought he was helping the students performing any kind of treatment on them (sans emergencies - like CPR) he needed to get parental approval. His failure to do so tells me he doesn't know his roll or his limitations.

I also consider myself blesses. I pay my bills on time. I am never going to lose my home. And I have employers and clients that respect me. It is just that I would like to have as much money as people I consider dumber than us.