Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Entry Today

Mom is really ill. She can't keep things down. I am heading in there. If she doesn't get better by noon we are going to send her to the hospital.

Will report back later today or tomorrow.


Mary Z said...

I'm so sorry, Bill. I hope all is okay. I know you'll take good care of her.

Pat said...

So sorry to hear this, Bill! May you day only improve from here on and may your mom recover by the time you get there!

Lady DR said...

Sending prayers and positive vibes, Bill, hoping Mom is better when you get there and improves throughout the day.

Hugs, DanaRae

William J. said...

Thank you Mary Z, Pat, & DR.

Your thoughts work. Mom started getting better after I got there. She kept some food and liquids down so we avoided the hospital. She is now sleeping. She is getting better by better.

Sis did all the right things before I got there. Between the two of us what we are doing seems to be working.


Lady DR said...

Thanks for letting us know, Bill. I'll continue sending prayers for Mom and for the rest of you. So glad to hear you and Sis are working together and getting positive results. Please keep us posted.

More hugs, DanaRae