Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Oscars

Today is an extra post today and it is all about the Oscars. Here are two of the things that have generated the most discussion the day after the Oscars and is now still continuing on twitter:


I thought overall the women did very well with their fashion choices. There weren't any I really disliked. My favorites were Sandra Bullock and Michelle Williams. I like classy and understated and both of them fit the bill.

Here is a fashion expert's take on the dresses:


Here is a summary of my picks. Not as good as last year when I only missed one but credible none the less at 4-4.






MY PICK - Michel Hazanavicius - The Artist

WINNER - Woody Allen - Midnight In Paris





MY PICK - Viola Davis.

WINNER - Meryl Streep


MY PICK - Christopher Plummer, Beginners

WILL WIN - Christopher Plummer, Beginners


MY PICK - Octavia Spencer, The Help

WINNER - Octavia Spencer


MY PICK - "War Horse" Janusz Kaminski

WINNER - Hugo" Robert Richardson


MY PICK - "The Artist" Ludovic Bource

DID WIN - "The Artist" Ludovic Bource

As an overall summary of The Oscars. It was shorter than previous telecasts, a trend I endorse. Billy Crystal did a credible job of hosting The Oscars but he wasn't as good as his previous stints. But a bad Billy Crystal is better than what we had the last few years. The best moment was Octivia Spenser winning best supporting actress. I also endorse real emotion. I liked Captain Von Trapp's and Meryl Streep's touching comments about their spouses. Overall not bad.

Comment Away.


A complete list of the winners here:



Pat said...

Hmmm... Blogger has changed the comment section. Let's see if it works.

First, I did see the Oscar show complete for the first time in years. It was always on at a time when I was visiting my mother, so I missed parts of it all those years. Having said that, I still missed parts. Didn't notice Lopez's wardrobe malfunction until a news clip later and had no idea why they had turned backs to camera. Jolie's leg was kind of stupid, but if you have a dress that features a slit, I guess you need to show that for the designer's sake. I also missed Crystal in blackface, which sounds like a really bad choice to make.

There were, as always, many stunning dresses. Fewer odd fashion choices this year, though there were a few. Good article with lots of good photos for a change, though I can't seem to get any of the videos.

In general, I thought the show boring and the comedy writers should probably be replaced next year. Billy Crystal was Billy Crystal. I agree he wasn't as good as his previous stints, but I blame the writing, whoever did that. I was rooting for George Clooney, even though I haven't seen either picture, but oh, well, he's doing okay without an Oscar. I was also rooting for Viola Davis, and I even saw her movie, but haven't seen Streep's. I'm sure she's wonderful in it, as always, but I thought her opening comment was right on. 'Oh, no, not again!'

I wish they could do away with the laundry list of agents and publicists and how much they love their director, cast, crew, spouse and kids. We know all that, even if it's lies, and we don't care. Somebody suggested they run that as a crawl, and have actual (brief) speeches. I'll vote for that.

Best acceptance speech: Christopher Plummer.

Lady DR said...

Yeah, I noticed the change in the blogger page yesterday. Pretty stark, compared to what we had.

Last night's Oscars were shorter than others? They lasted three hours, which would have been a bit over an hour, in one cut out all the commercials.

I thought the women did very well. I was delighted to see a lot less skin and a lot more sophistication and good design in the majority of the dresses. I did rather wonder if the one woman was going to fall out of her dress, but I didn't find the thigh-high cut dress to be anything other than elegant, in a fun way. Himself, bored this morning, checked three or four sites on the "best/worst" and found that none of them agreed (imagine our surprise).

I don't remember who wore what, but they were all in good taste, although some weren't as flattering to the wearers as others.

I thought Billy Crystal did a good job, but I've never watched the Oscars before, so can't make comparisons. I was somewhat surprised at the fun the presenter had, making quips and comments, which made the show more enjoyable.

Oh, and I did get a fair amount of knitting done (g).

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I kind of like the new changes to blogger. It allows be to read your response while responding, instead of cutting and pasting.

I thought I saw all of it and even after watching the recorded version still didn't see the Lopez's wardrope malfunction. I also agree with you about Jolie's leg, I thought it was dumb. I also missed Cyrstal's black face. I must have fallen asleep a couple of times.

I was surprised how few bad fashion choices there were this year mostly good choice.

I think Crystal's strength is winging it. I think he would be better without writers.

And Plummer wins best acceptance speech.


William J. said...


I hope the change also improves the blogger experience.

Oscars are often four hours. This was the shortest telecast in years. Often the winners go on and on in their acceptance speech. Then every nominated song is performed but there were only two nominees this year and the songs weren't performed.

I love less skin because the because the dresses are more sexy to me. Sort of the forbidden fruit kind of thing.

Of course the fashion offiandos disagreed. One didn't even like Sandra Bullock. I do like, however, that Himself searched it Monday!

Every year some of the presenters take it less seriously than others and those are the ones I tend to like.

I'm glad you were able to accomplish a lot of knitting.