Friday, February 17, 2012

Coffee, Health, & Volunteering,

Things are going well at work. I am producing some returns faster and one or two not so fast. I like having a place to go in the morning. Mom is getting better. I had dinner with her last night and stayed until the caregiver got there. We had a peaceful evening talking and watching Family Feud. Her stats were amazing last night. I guess where Mom is concerned I have a healing personality.

Have you had your coffee yet? I have not only because it gets me going, I like the taste and some reports say it is healthy. I'm not a big fan of Starbuck's Coffee. My favorite is 7-11 coffee. When we had a Dunkin Donuts near us I liked their coffee but they are no longer in the area. Spending to much for coffee? Here are some hints:

I find the cheapest coffee is when you make it at home. How about you? What is your favorite coffee when you buy out and what is your favorite coffee when you make it at hime (Folger's Country Roast for me)?

Speaking of health here is an article I found interesting:

Good news!

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? I have one for you. For you maybe,. not for me:

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dona said...

Glad work is going so well for you. I think it helps when you like where you work. I also think you are helpful for your mom. Glad she is doing better.

I don't drink coffee. But my dad does, he seemed to think McDonalds Coffee was better than home for a while, I think it was due to him not having to make it. (lol) His fav also was the Folger's Roast, but has switched to Folger's Vanilla Biscotti, as I told him it smelled better to me in the mornings!! :)

Lady DR said...

So glad to hear things are going well and Mom's doing so much better. Yes, I suspect you do have a healing effect.

We rarely have coffee out, even with dinner, since the costs have gone up and the quality is often questionable. Our favorite coffee at home is the Costco brand of Kirkland Columbian. I mix mine half and half with their decaf.

Great news on the microchip advances. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could see the day when microchips can be used for many of the chronic disorders?

I think it would be great fun to go on an archeological dig as a volunteer!

Pat said...

Happy to hear work is going well! Not that I wasn't sure it would.

Coffee is more and more expensive, true. But I don't consider my habit to be too expensive. At least not yet. To brew at home, I do buy mostly Starbucks or Seattle's Best or Peet's, which are all basically the same for French roast. And all expensive. Every now and then I might indulge in a Starbucks latte.

Some of their suggestions are good, like taking your own cup. Buying regular coffee and adding milk does not add up to a latte, however, and buying a hot coffee and a free cup of ice will only give you tepid, watered-down coffee. Sometimes people really work too hard at coming up with moneysaving ideas.

Interesting about the microchip for bone loss. Sounds easy if it really works.

You're not interested in excavating what might be Atlantis? I think it sounds like fun. {s}

William J. said...

Hi Dona

It does help like going to work. I am kicking butt on the tax returns.

I sometimes have coffee out because I really don't want to make it. I am now going to try Folger's Vanila Biscotti!


William J. said...


I want to keep improving at work. That is my goal faster and better. So far so good. Today and tomorrow are at Mom's.

We when go out for dinner we usually don't have coffee either, it is just to darn expensive. But a lot of mornings heading to work I will stop somewhere and buy a cup of coffee. McDonald's, 7-11, and Starbucks are all close and Peet's is on the way. I just like 7-11 the best. I am no longer a member of Costco. I just couldn't buy things in the quantity they have them because I don't have a freezer, if I did I would by the Kirkland Columbia just to check it out. I will look for it in other places.

I really love the microchip advances. So many good things coming our way in the health area.

Being claustrophobic the idea of being underground makes me shudder. I suppose I could go on the dig and look for things without going underground.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I actually like Peet's better than Starbuck's. There isn't a Peet's close to home but there is on by work. I also don't consider my habit to expensive. A three pound coffe tin last me quite a long time and I bet making it at home (which wasn't one of their options) the coffee is less than fifty cents a day.

I agree with you about some of their suggestions. Although I don't drink latte's their suggestion seems futile to me. I never thought of ice in my coffee and won't in the future. And working so hard to come up with money saving ideas can sometimes be expensive.

I am not a find of dirt or going underground. Therefore, my reluctance to volunteer.

The microchip is amazing to me. I find it interesting.