Sunday, February 12, 2012

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

The blog schedule this week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

It was nice to see Mary Z post and to see an update from Dona. Today is the day for anyone that want to update us to do so. I've been updating you all week. Job is going well, Mom is getter better, and I haven't lost any weight yet but I am on the right track with my diet. I know the weight will start coming off soon. There is always a plateau.

I am really sad today about the death of Whitney Houston.

We have lost so many talented people to early in the process:

Some were murdered, some died due to health, but so many left this world at their own hands or their own devices. I just can't help but wonder When Will They Even Learn My Friend, When Will They Ever Learn.

Maybe the stars will never despite tragedy after tragedy but I am hoping my relatives, my friends, the readers of the blog, and all of us will learn from these to early deaths of the stars. Be careful, take care of your health, don't do drugs, drink in moderation, and for God's seek don't be afraid to seek out help if you need it.

That's all I have for today. Update me on your life and then comment away.

Rest In Peace, Whitney.


dona said...

Well Said.

Pat said...

Very sad that Whitney Houston died so young. But clearly she was very troubled. I'm sure the means of her death and the reasons for it will be endlessly rehashed for the next few days.

That's quite a gallery of celebrities who died young. Kinda makes you glad you're not famous, doesn't it? Yes, you wish they'd learn, but maybe people are just not cut out to handle the pressures they face, especially as their celebrity wanes over time.

Lady DR said...

Before getting to today's blog...
I'm so happy to hear your mom is doing so much better. And delighted to hear about the anniversary at the office. Good to know you're properly appreciated. You deserve it! And, yes, you will start dropping the weight, given your determination.

The loss of Whitney Houston is sad news and I found it equally sad that the comments about her and her behavior over the previous couple days were mostly negative. We've lost a number or promising individuals, as the other article noted, to many of them to abuses of various sorts. We're losing thousands more we never hear about, because they've not yet achieved the status level or recognition required or aren't public personalities. Like you, I hope we all learn from these tragedies and take care of ourselves.

A quiet week. Playing with and eventually sorting out all the new yarn and matching it with my existing supply (more or less). The standard pool and line dance and work schedule. Spent yesterday at the regional gun show, passing out cards and key chains and talking with vendors, promoting Himself's and his brother's website, GunsByGoophie. Course, we also had to explore the myriad offerings on display. Am delighted to report that I spent six hours on my feet, walking on concrete, and, thanks to the TENs unit and overall improvement, had nary a twinge from the hip. Yea! Spent most of today flat on my back, with a nasty case of dry eye. Positive vibes and prayers the doc can get that issue under control would be appreciated. Next week looks quiet.

William J. said...

Thanks, Dona.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I was surprised at the impact the death of Whitney Houston had on me. They said they won't release the cause of death for six to eight days. An accidental overdose is my problem.

I was surprised at the gallery and I go back and forth whether or not I would want star status. I would like to think I could handle but who knows if you have never been there?


William J. said...


This is the best firm I have ever worked for. It really is the perfect place for me to be at this point in my life. Mom is still improving, at her age it takes a little longer to get well but she is getting there.

I found the comment about Whitney's death disturbing because nobody yet knows the cause of it and jumping to conclusions by the media has to be hurtful to her family.

About time you had a quiet week. The yarn matching project sounds like a huge accomplishment. I am always pleased when you check-in includes line dance and pool. Sounds like a productive day at the gun show. Wow six hours on your feet is amazing. And no hip problem? DOUBLE YEA! I hope the dry eye is improving. Prayers and good thoughs on the way.