Monday, February 13, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Monday and I am looking forward to a productive week. If things go as planned no nights at Mom's. Work takes priority now.

Let's start off the week with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I am putting the next article as good. With hesitancy but still good.

Less deaths from stray bullets is my reason for classifying it as good.

The second article can be classified as both good and bad depending on your outlook:

It is great that so many more nursing homes are getting good ratings but it kind of sucks that some of the ones haven't done anything to improve.

Now the ugly. One of my greatest fears to pass away and have nobody find me for a long time. After Mom passes away I won't have anyone checking on me on a daily basis. Sis will check on me but that will be more like weekly. I don't think I will undiscovered for this long, however.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Not sure I'd call the first article good. It really depends on who's holding these new, more accurate weapons, doesn't it? Making them work is quite an achievement no matter how you look at it, though.

If nursing homes are improving due to more oversight, that's a good thing. It's hard to find much that's good to say about nursing homes in general, though I'll admit their job is a hard one.

Weird about all the foreclosures. I'm sure glad I'm not involved with any bank real estate departments these days!

Lady DR said...

A week without a night at Mom's? Will you know how to act.

I think the self-guided bullets are a good thing, in terms of the collateral damage done in recent years by any given "side." Like Pat, I worry a bit about who will have them, but if they can prevent collateral damage to civilians and surrounding areas, I guess that's good for everyone.

I'm glad to see nursing home ratings are improving. I was somewhat appalled at the numerous low ratings in SC and the immediate area. Happy to see the home our neighbor is in has a 5* rating and the rehab/nursing home Mom was in maintains it's 5* rating. The home we removed her from, after about 24 hours, is sitting at 1*, so they've obviously not learned anything.

I hear you on passing away. It was a huge fear for me, when Himself was in Africa for weeks at a time and I had panic disorder, which hadn't yet been diagnosed. I remember going to bed with a major panic attack one Thanksgiving morning and wondering who would find me and when. When Mom lived in AK and Deb was in St. Croix, Mom and another woman set up a system where one or the other called at a specific time each day. If there was no answer, after attempts over 30 minutes, someone was sent to check on the other person. I think that's an excellent system for people who live alone and don't have scheduled appointments or activities each day.

The foreclosure stories just get more and more bizarre. I usually make ours a couple weeks before due, to cut the interest rate even a little, but one begins to wonder if that's a good idea!

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I agree with you about who is holding the weapons but gang members and police are notorious bad shots. This will result in less innocent people being shot is my guess.

Nursing homes are basically awful. State regulations have a lot to do with it. Here only one nurse is required for twenty-five patients which is really stupid. That requirement results in low level care and it isn't the fault of the nurse.

I'm also glad there is no bank involved in my house!


William J. said...


I am doing Saturday and Sunday days at Mom's. This will give sis the weekend with her husband.

I'm with you on the self-guided bullets and for the same reason.

I am also glad to see nursing homes improving and I was also appalled at some of the low ratings at nursing homes here. How great that your neighbor and mom are/were in are five star rated. I also think it is good that your instincts were right on about the home you moved her from.

In a way it is comforting to know I am not the only one with that fear. I think a phone tree is a good idea and I plan on starting one after mom goes. I am also going to start a coffee club and a men's prayer club. Missing from those I am sure someone will track me or my body down.