Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Frightening

Today let's just do the frightening stuff.

While the fist article is a little frightening it is also a little funny:

I am not above doing a little role playing to improve a relationship if that is what she wants, however, I am sure in the hell going to be a little more discreet than doing it in the parking lot of a grocery store.

The next article is frightening in that knowing these groups exist makes me shudder.

Why I found the last article a little frightening speaks for itself:

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Couldn't get to the first article, but your comments about the parking lot, connected to the title of the article paints a picture (g).

Militia groups frighten and anger me. For one thing, they give responsible gun owners a bad name. For another, too many of them have hidden agendas, which are not in the best interest of the country or the general population. I noticed that almost all, if not all, those arrested were guilty of gun violations, most likely illegal guns for personal use or no license to carry a gun or previous offenses which included being precluded from owning, let alone carrying or firing a gun. Sigh. The bad guys are always going to be able to get guns. This has been proven, time and again. Their "sources" don't run background checks or records checks. They take the money and shrug. It's one of the reasons I think responsible, trained gun owners, who pass background checks and ID checks are an important part of our society. Refusing ownership to the good guys simply leaves the bad guys with all the ammunition.

The story about the Russian sub is really frightening. How close they came to a major disaster! And how well they managed to cover it up until now. (shudder).

Pat said...

I also couldn't get the first article for some reason.

All the "militias" make me nervous. I think that generally speaking, they are delusional paranoids. Not that I've ever known an actual member of such a group. I hope to keep it that way.

And speaking of things that make me nervous. Let's add nuclear just-about-anything. Especially anything that has to do with weapons.

William J. said...


I changed the link on the first story. The story went viral and is now national news. The man crux of the story is a woman was nude, tied up with duct tape over her mouth in the parking lot of a grocery store. A customer called 911 and nine police cars went in pursuit and tracked the couple down at their home where they found out it is was role playing. They were arrested for disturbing the piece.

I hate militia groups for the same reason you do. Not only are they untrained on guns they usually have major fire power available to them. They can always get guns at gun shows in a lot of states because background checks are not required then.

The Russian sub had me shaking my head for both the cover up and the narrow miss.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

See note to DR re the first article. I changed the link and it should work.

Militia groups are definitely made up of people that tend to be on the crazy side and are unbalanced. I have suspected some people I know to be militia members but couldn't vefify it.

Playing with nuclear weapons if frightening. Now that Iran has capabilities even more so,


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