Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Elderly, Bad, Good, Interesting.

Before today's post I have an update from Kaye. If you remember Kaye is from Texas and used to post on the blog. She met a really nice man so she concentrated on the relationship and that took her away from the blog. As last reported they found a brain tumor in Dave, her boyfriend. Here is an e-mail I received Sunday:

"I have an update on Dave. We finally had the consultation with his neurosurgeon and they have scheduled surgery to begin on 3/5/12.

His tumor is located just above his left ear and against the skull, which is good. They will open him up 3/5, put a grid around the tumor and place electrodes around that. They will do testing on Tuesday to find out exactly where Dave's speech & language areas are so they can avoid those. Then, they will remove the tumor on Wednesday, 3/7. They actually feel he could go home that Friday!

As serious as this is, at least he's looking at a good recovery. They won't know if there will be radiation or chemo until the pathology results are in, which will be a week or so after the surgery.

He really has quite the support system of family & friends and has managed to keep a positive outlook. I think he will come thru this remarkably well, and his surgeon stated he feels this will be a very successful surgery and recovery."

I am sending prayers and good thoughts Dave's and Kaye's way. It would certainly be appreciated if you would also.

Today's post.

How not to treat the elderly. I certainly think I am a better son than this dude:


How to enjoy aging:


How to find hidden meanings in elderly paintings:


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Pat said...

I'll join you in sending good wishes to Dave and Kaye. What a horrible thing to have to go through!

On the first story my first question is how the son could have quitclaimed the house to his own trust if it was in a trust with the condition that his mother could live there until her death. Apparently she has a lawyer, and if the paperwork has survived, he should be able to put a stop to this. Obviously a time does come for some oldsters when they cannot safely live at home, but this doesn't sound like one of them, and son Peter is just a sleazeball.

You are a perfect son, and there's no comparison. {s}

What a story on the 63 y/o graduate! Good for her and for the people who helped her find ways to go to school.

I've seen "Vitruvian Man" many, many times and have never quite had the impetus to look up what it was all about. So, a square and a circle? Do I know now a lot more than before? Not really. {g}

Lady DR said...

Kaye, best of wishes to you and Dave for the success of the procedures. Will keep you in my prayers and send extra positive thoughts on the days of the surgeries.

The story about the son evicting his mother is appalling. Like Pat, I don't understand how the older son managed to move the house from a trust, guaranteeing her a home, to another trust that put the house only in his name. If he hasn't seen her in eight months, how does he know if she's capable of living at home, particularly given the comments of the younger son, neighbors, nurse, etc. I hope he's taken for fraud or theft or whatever and she's soon back in her home.

Hon, you'd never do anything like that!

Yea! for the lady getting her degree and working to help others. And yea! for all of those at unemployment, who pointed her in the right direction and encouraged her to pursue her education, with the support of her family. What a wonderful attitude she has and what great advice.

I've never been overly interested in "Vitruvian Man" and I'm not at all sure I understand what he's all about. Not sure what that says about my artistic/intellectual levels (wry s)

dona said...

To Kaye, best wishes and prayers come out to you and Dave. My mother had a brain tumor and I know first hand a bit about it. I hope it is as the doctors suggest and all goes well and his recovery is not only successful but quick.

So about the story with the son evicting his mother from her home... What a Scumbag! It amazes me what some children do to their parents instead of for them.
And Bill I think you are the best son ever. You are not even in the same category as this dude.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am sure Kaye and Dave appreciate the good wishes.

There are two ways he could have done it. One is if was the trustee. Two if he had his mom declared incompetant. Even if it was time for his mom to move from the home there would have been better ways to do it. I agree with Dona the guy is a scumbag. I hope the mom's lawyer rips him a new one.

Thanks for the nice compliment.

I love stories about people like the 63 year-old grad. They make the world better.

OK, I will admit it. I didn't even know who or what the Vitruvian Man was before I read the article.


William J. said...


I am sending all the prayer and good thoughts Kaye and Dave's way. I can't imagine the stress they are under. It took her a long time to find someone and now they have to go through this.

The story about the eviction is appalling and I hope the son is getting hammered by people in his life. My guess is he was a trustee. I am the trustee of my Mom's estate and as one could move the house to my name. Could question about not seeing her for an extended period of time and then knowing that she is incapable of living alone. I actually hope the son ends up in jail. And you are right I would never do that.

The lady getting her degree is a inspiring story. Not only for her but for all her supporters!

See my comment to Pat about the Vitruvian Man. Didn't know who he was.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I will send your wishes to Kaye and Dave. I knew your Mom had cancer but I didn't know she had a brain tumor. What hell you and she must have gone through.

I agree with you about the son in the article, a scumbag. I like your comment about doing to parents instead of for them.

And I thank you for the nice compliment.