Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day.

Leap Day! Four years from now, God Willing and if my health holds up there will be another post on February 29. Another new day and a few new articles.

Got any Coca-Cola handy? Here are some uses for it:

You are a little tipsy and don't want to drive. You give someone your keys. You are home free. Not so fast:

Now let's end on with a good story. A good jackpot kind of story.

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Pat said...

Happy Leap Day to all!

I've heard of about a million uses for Coke over the years. I may try the grout-cleaning one, though; I think I've missed that one.

Awful story about the drunk driver killing two people, and obviously his girlfriend was too drunk herself or too stupid to see that he was in no condition to drive. Will she get 30 years? No way. I don't know what she should get, but something.

I like the attitude of the guy who won the jackpot. First, he's a prince for doing the bone marrow donation for a stranger, and I like the thrift that he can't quite shake, plus his being helpful to his mother and sister. I wonder how many people who were used to being thrifty, after having a windfall like this, get quickly used to having pots of money and start to throw it around.

PS: I don't see any real difference in how the comment page works. Seems to me it just *looks* different.

Lady DR said...

I've also heard lots of uses for Coke. Some of those listed in the comments section were new to me. Had heard about the grout, but never tried it. Don't have tile floors, but tile in the shower. If it dissolves everything else, why not soap scum and budding mildew?

I agree, the girlfriend deserves some punishment for being to drunk to realize her boyfriend was in equally bad shape. Depending on state laws, if they were in a bar, the waitress and/or bartender may also be held culpable.

Good for the Marine! Special kudos to him for being a bone marrow donor. I like his attitude - buy new duds at the thrift shop, keep his car and continue in the service, using his money to help his mom and sister. I wonder if he'll change, when it really dawns on him what his annual income is, or if he'll use it for various charitable purposes. If the latter is case, I wonder if he'd run for Congress in the state of SC. We could use guys like him.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I never used for coke for anything but drinking but I am exploring my options.

I think the gal needs to be punished and spend some time in jail just not as long as they said in the story. The guy that drove drunk is the real culprit and he deserves the most punishment.

The guy that won the jackpot is the kind of lottery winner that gives winning the lottery a good name!.


William J. said...


Most of the uses of coke were new to me!

In Oregon the bar that served them drunk would be liable, the driver would be charged with manslaughter, and the girlfriend would be charged as an accessory. The bar would suffer financially, the guy would spend the most time in jail and the girl friend would get jail time but not as much as in the article.

The marine's attitude is great. I like it when people like him win the lottery.