Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Friday

It was a rough day yesterday. Mom got worse. I really thought she should have gone to emergency room but was overruled by the opposite genders in the household. I spent the night there just in case she need to go to 911 during the night. Mom actually got better the minute I told her I would spend the night. She took a little bit of a downturn this morning but was still ten times better than yesterday. She goes to the doctor at four this afternoon. I will update you then.

I need good stories today. Nothing better than good animal and good children stories. I'm also kind of fond of stories about the little guy winning First up is the animal story:

I've always been fascinated by service animals. This fascinates me even more!

Now let's move on from animals to children:

Amazing child, amazing medical personnel.

Now let's talk about a woman holding an auto company accountable for the information they put out.

At first I thought this was kind of a lawsuit that shouldn't have been filed but now I am applauding it.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Sorry to hear your mom is on a health rollercoaster. I hope today's doctor visit will clear things up!

Now to the stories: That woman was very lucky she had a dog who had once been a service dog. I could have said "telephone" to my dogs a thousand times and they'd be wondering if I had re-named them.

The transplant story is amazing. They practically replaced that little girl's complete insides. I hope she does well, even with all the care she has to take to avoid infections and/or rejection.

I've been following the Honda lawsuit. I have also found mileage predictions to be way wide of the mark, but since I didn't believe them in the first place, and since my driving these days is so stop-and-start, which would cut down the numbers, I hadn't thought about pursuing it. But I wished her well, and I'm glad she won her case. Maybe at the least it taught some people not to be too quick to sign up for class action lawsuits, where the only people who make money are the lawyers.

However, since Honda says they are going to appeal, and they will be allowed to use their lawyers in Superior Court, she's kind of in a pickle. She'll need to hire a lawyer, too, and that will quickly eat up the $9,867 award that she hasn't even gotten yet. Maybe if she gets a jury trial, sympathy will be with her and Honda will get hit for a much larger amount. It'll be interesting to watch and see what happens.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The woman was extremely lucky that she had a dog who had been a service dog. LOL about the dogs being renamed telephone.

The transplant story is one of the most amazing stories that I have ever read. I am with you in hoping she does well and avoids infection.

I really haven't ever paid much attention to the mileage predictions. To me it is just useless information. My driving is also stop and start. Everything is close enough that I don't get on the freeways.

Maybe the gal can find an attorney that will take it on a contigency and if the win the other side pays attorney fees. She might also get a rich famous attorney to take if for publicity.


Lady DR said...

I'm sorry to hear about Mom's relapse and hope you get some positive news from the doctor.

I particularly enjoyed the dog story because it featured a schnauzer (g). Yes, service animals are incredible little creatures.

I agree with amazing child and medical personnel and wish the little girl all the best.

I'm not sure how the woman will end up with the appeal, but I would like to see manufacturers brought to account for false or misleading advertising. As Pat pointed out, Honda will bring in the big guns at the appeal and it may be another case of money winning over justice.

William J. said...


Schnauzers are great dogs!

We all wish the child well, she deserves a lot of happines after which she went through.

I'm really hoping a big time attorney will take this lady's case for the publicity.