Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Monday

I start my seasonal job tomorrow so am going to have to downsize the blog. The blog schedule for this week

Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.


Mom is better but not anywhere near where she should be. I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow at 6 PM. Some relatives don't think she needs to go to the doctor. I'm better safe than sorry. So I am risking pissing off the relatives and taking Mom where she wants to go, to the doctor.

Me. I had my doctor's appointment this morning. It was both good and bad. The cholesterol is 164 and the bad is 55 which is really pretty darn good. But there are other concerns. And the doctor wants me to lose two to four pounds a month until I lose 22 pounds.

Today's Entry

I watched the super bowl yesterday and it was a darn good game. I also watch the game for the commercials. My favorite ad of the day didn't get rated because technically it wasn't during the game it was at half time. I honestly didn't think the ad was political at all. I thought it promoting Detroit not President Obama. Here is the ad:

Did the ad seem political to you?

Next up today is an article about a school I am not going to attend anytime soon.

Most of us like thrift shops. Here are some of the good ones:

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Good for you, Bill. If mom wants to go to the doctor, I'm glad you're taking her. There were times when my mom wanted to go to the doctor when I knew he'd have nothing to contribute, but if it made her feel better to see him and get some reassurance there, it was okay with me, even if it wasn't my favorite thing to do. In your case, you are indeed better safe than sorry, and mom will be happier for the visit, I'm sure.

Lotsa luck on losing weight. It's so hard, I know. But you've done it before, you can do it again. I do hope the other concerns are not too concerning.

Yeah, I think the ad sounded political. The rah-rah kind, at least not the "we hate the other guy" kind. Clint Eastwood is the last guy I'd suspect of promoting Obama, though. And it was sure LONG! I can't imagine how much that must have cost to be a SuperBowl ad.

I doubt if you're in any danger of attending "John School". The name is funny--the subject matter not so much.

I love thrift shops, and I sure wish we had one like the Book Thing of Baltimore. We have used bookshops, some with real bargains, some not so much, but we don't have any that GIVE the books away.

Lady DR said...

Glad your taking care of you and downsizing the blog, with advance notice so we don't worry.

Good for you, taking Mom to the doc. Please keep us posted. I hear you on relatives thinking it unnecessary and on the better safe than sorry, especially if Mom wants to go and she's not back to where she should be. Mom didn't necessarily want to go, but usually because she didn't want me to have to take the time to take her. I sometime worry she doesn't see the doctor as often as might be advisable these days, but there you have it.

Good luck on losing weight. Hard as it is, with going back to work and Mom's situation, remember that the best combination is portion control + daily exercise of some sort. One without the other takes longer. YOu don't mention the other concerns, but I hope they're relatively easy to deal with and will keep you in my prayers.

I'm ambivalent about the ad. I don't necessarily think it was a plug for Obama, so much as Eastwood saying we've come back before and we can come back again. Yes, Chrysler is a positive example, but no the only one, and there are a lot of other areas that need to be turned around.

I like the "john" school concept. I suspect that most of the guys who buy sex give absolutely no thought to the girls providing it, what drives them and what the ramifications may be, beyond a fine.

Love thrift shops! Have found a couple real deals at the Habitat thrift shop here and I often donate to and buy from the one that supports the women's shelter. Goodwill has a separate site here for furniture, only one, while their other stores sell the household items, clothing and the like.

Hope your first day on the job goes smoothly and am holding good thoughts for Mom's app't, which is happening as I type.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I guess I don't understand the hesitation on my sister's part. It isn't a big deal. The doctor is five minutes from Mom, always takes mom right away, and even if it is in Mom's hear most likely mom is going to believe the doctor over sister and I.

I have a some heart issues. Twenty pounds reduce the risks of side effect by sixty percent. Pretty motivating. I haven't gain the wait I lost before it just stabalized and I quot focusing. Time to focus again.

The ad was rah rah but I thought it was celebrating comebacks and resilency of America and Americans. I was a long ad, that is why they put it on at half time. Two minuse.

I agree with the funny name of John school but the material is serious and I hope it helps.

We have a dollar book store here. It is a lot of fun!


William J. said...


With Mom sick it was hard to keep up with the blog. I have two really nice cousins that read the blog and worry about Mom and I. If I don't check it it really kind of scares them. So just to be safe I did advance notice. I don't have to keep the schedule but if I do disappear then they and everyone knows why.

Mom's appointment is tonight, Tuesday. We will know something then.

My mom normally doesn't want to go to the doctor so that is a consideration for me. If she needs to go, she needs to go. My mom is really good about keeping her appointments.

The work thing is actually probably going to make it easier to lose weight. It is hard to eat when you are working on tax returns. The issues are heart related. Part of the plan is walking daily.

I took the ad the same way you did. We have a long way to go but we are coming back!

Education of any subject never hurts which is why I like the John school concept.

I wish we had a Habitat thrift shop here! They are such a great organization.

I am actually looking forward to the job. A little scared that I will remember everything.