Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm Royally Pissed

I have mom duty today and tomorrow. Since sister is doing nights I am doing weekend days. That will give sister the weekend to spend with her husband.

It was kind of an exciting day yesterday. First Mom got a summons about a piece of property that her and dad owned in 1986. I am going after the attorney because I am royally pissed. How cruel of an attorney to send a summons to a ninety-six year old women in poor health. And it gets even more cruel when on that last deed of the property there is an agreement holding mom harmless from any future lawsuits. All the idiot attorney had to do was to look at the deed to see the agreement. And all the jackass had to do was Goggle mom to find out her age. I am considering any and all of the following: suing his firm and him personally for harassing the elderly, filing a complaint with the Oregon State Bar against him, filing a complaint with Oregon Aging council against him, and write letters to every paper within one hundred miles of his office telling of his actions (I can't be sued for libel if I stick to the truth.) I hope when I am done with him he will never treat another elderly person the way he treated my Mom. And maybe the stupid idiot will find a heart. I plan on naming the attorney on both my blog and on Facebook in the next week. I also plan on responding to the summons and getting mom out of it due to her age and ill health.

If that wasn't enough. Mom is diabetic. Last night I had just changed into my sleeping clothes when I got a phone call. The caregiver dropped her bottle of insulin and it broke and insulin went all over the floor. She needs insulin at night and in the morning. Mom's normal pharmacy closes at 7. So I got redressed and went on a mission to find a pharmacy to fill the prescription. Because of the refills the pharmacies couldn't fill the prescription without a new prescription. It turns out that insulin is over the counter. However, the problem is if you fill it over the counter the insurance company doesn't pay for it. The price difference between buying it over the counter or with a prescription is substantial, almost double. The cost of filling it with a prescription is about $55, over the counter is a little over hundred bucks. Mom's pharmacy opens at 9 this morning and has a prescription on file. We decided to take an alternative course for last night and wait until this morning to get the insulin. She took an extra Glipizide. And checked her sugar a couple of times during the night. The alternative course seemed to work. The caregiver felt awful and offered to pay for the insulin but I said no. We all make mistakes. She didn't do it on purpose. It was a honest mistake, she shouldn't have to pay for it.

What an end to a work week.

I need a laugh today. Dumb criminals usually provide it:


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Pat said...

I sure feel for you, needing a prescription at night like that. It can be nearly impossible if you can't reach the doc for a temporary, fill-in one.

As to the lawyer, I sure hope I never get on your bad side. You are definitely royally PO'd at this guy, and from the sound of things, he will learn a serious lesson from this situation.

I hope the dumb criminal story at least made you smile as it did me. And BTW, from yesterday's archaelogical dig story, never fear volunteering. You wouldn't be underground, just working in a hole they dug. At least that's my understanding. If it were in a cave, I probably wouldn't volunteer, either.

Lady DR said...

I'm glad you'll be with Mom tonight and tomorrow, all things considered.

I'm not at all clear on the issue of the summons about the property, but land sold over 25 years ago, with a deed stipulation sh be held harmless from future lawsuits seems pretty straight forward to me. Giving the att'y the benefit of the doubt (which is hard to do), he had no reason to check her age or health, but he sure as the devil had an obligation to closely examine the deed and contact her with any questions, rather than issuing an arbitrary summons, from what you say. Like you, I'd be absolutely furious, on general principles, let alone what your mom's been through the last couple months and other health issues.

I'm so glad you were able to resolve the insulin issue last night and pick up the needed prescription today. That had to be a scary situation, but it sounds like you made a wise decision.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Finnaly got Mom's insuling now we have to call the insurance company on Monday to see if they will pay for it. Because she had just filled the prescription the insurance company usually won't pay for it if it is refilled within a month.

More about the lawsuit today. My attorney brother is going to try a phone call so I am backing off because I don't want to upset the apple cart if bro can handle it with a phone call. If not then I go after him.

The dumb criminal story did make me laugh and I knew you would appreciate it!


William J. said...


Mom and I had a good time yesterday and a nice dinner out.
More about the lawsuit today but just to let you know, Mom's age was in the court documents. I will explain what happened it on today's post.

The thing ablut the insulin incident is how much I learned so if it happens again I won't waste any time thinking about what to do.
Pharmacies won't refill prescription unless they have the original prescription on file. They are afraid that some customers will pharmacy shop for some drugs like pain killers. And pharmacy can't track refills at other pharmacies than there own. I also didn't know insulin was over the counter.