Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heart Healthy Month

Heading off to work in a few hours. Then on my lunch hour it is picking up prescriptions. After work it is taking Mom to the doctor and spending the night there. I might call it a busy day. After my doctor's appointment yesterday health is on my mind so today is all about health.

What can we learn about health from cats?


This is heart healthy month. So the next two articles are about heart matters:

First up is an article in today's OREGONIAN. It always pleases me with the locals are on the cutting edge:


As was confirmed by my doctor yesterday diet can solve some heart issues. Diet and Weight:


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Cats sleeping are always good photo subjects. As are cats doing almost anything else.

It's always lovely to read about new techniques that allow surgery without cracking the chest open. Recovery must be much nicer, as such things go. The side effects/risks, however, don't sound very appealing. Nor does the cost. It raises the question again about how far are we prepared to go to keep a 91 y/o alive. It depends on the 91 y/o, I suppose, and how much s/he's enjoying life at that point.

We all pretty much knew the heart-healthy foods, didn't we? The only one I was a little surprised to see on the list was popcorn. I really must indulge in more of that. I love that they added coffee to the approved list. {g}

Good luck on your first day at work, not that I think you'll need it. I'm sure you're still right on top of things and will be even better with a real office of your own. (I do remember that correctly, right? You now get an office there?)

Lady DR said...

Hope the first day at work went well and (although there's little doubt in my mind) the app't with Mom's doctor had positive outcomes.

Cute pictures of the cats, although I didn't go through them all. I suspect there's a lot we can learn by studying and copying certain animal behaviors. Kinda like the bumper sticker "My cat and dog have taught me life is easier if I shed a lot." (g).

So happy to hear there's a less invasive method for valve replacement. Like Pat, I wonder about the side effects and the cost. And I agree quality of life has a lot to do with it. If an elder is otherwise healthy and active, it would make a big difference. Otherwise, would they want to continue on, if life was full of other aches and pains and problems? Interesting idea to pursue.

As an add-on to an earlier discussion of the Chrysler Super Bowl ad, Eastwood made a statement, today I think, stating he's not supporting any individual party or candidate and is disappointed that the ad wasn't taken as it was meant to be. There were numerous comments on the site, all of which I read declared the ad non-political, a positive message to and about the American people and who deplored the spin that politicians and the media on both sides of the line are trying to put on it.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The doctor appointment for Mom went well. They changed one of her medications and it had an immediate impact.

My first day of work was great and you did remember well. A nice new office! Lots of space.

I kind of love all pet photos.

You raise some great points. How much do you want to spend on someone that isn't going to live much longer anyhow and if they live what will their quality of life be. Hard thoughts and hard decision.

Knowing the healthy foods and eating them often don't match up with me! I always knew popcorn was healthy if you didn't put butter and salt on it but how good is without that!


William J. said...


The first day at work went well and Mom is improving after the doctor visit.

I just love pet pictures. Love the bumper sticker!

It looks like we all agree the advancement for new procedures that are less invasive is great but there are concerns of cost and who to use them on.

The way the discussion got started was a commentator on FOX News, Karl Rove, said on air that he was very offended by the add. His following pretty much does what he tell them to and he is a pretty despicable human being. I was kind of shocked the next day after seeing the ad, that by far my favorite ad was political. It just celebrated us.


dona said...

Hi Bill, just chiming in for a moment to let you know I am glad you did take your mom to the doc despite others opinions and sounds like it was a good idea since the new medication worked so quickly.
I also hope your health concerns are minimal and your weight loss is easy. Good luck with the work week and I hope at nite you can get a little rest, sounds like (from reading the last few posts) that you have been terribly busy with mom. Take it easy...when you can find the time.

William J. said...

Hi Dona!

So damn glad to see you post. Things are going much better and I did get some rest the last two nights.

Now we need an update on how you are doing!