Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walking To Heaven

Back to the blog after a two day hiatus. Had a good day at work last week. Well four good days. There was one good day where I just wasn't thinking properly. Have you had those days? I am hoping those kind of days are few and far between. Now I have a to do list with thirty-one items on it that I need to address today and tomorrow. A weekend of rest, nope. Today I am taking Mom to lunch and while at Mom's cooking dinner for tonight. The menu is turkey meatloaf, green beans, and sweet potato fries. Since sister has been taking over my nights I have been doing weekend days. That gives sister three days off a week. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (which the caregiver does).

I am really looking forward to the Oscars tomorrow night. I have seen all the nominated films except Hugo which if things go right I will see it today. Tomorrow is update day and since I have been updating you on my life every day I will leave the updates to you and make my Oscar picks.

Today let's start out with my favorite story of the week:

From the good story to a little bit of heaven:

And let's close with a very touching story.

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dona said...

Bill, I am glad for the most part last week went well for you. As for having days where I don't think properly...duh, that goes on quite a bit, sadly. I do think sometimes its only because you have so much on your plate, you mind is cluttered, and of those days. And you of all people have way too much on your plate most days. :) I mean 31 items for one or maybe 2 days? I make myself a list every day, and it is no where near 31, and I might add I rarely get them done....I say you need a break.

Turkey meatloaf? I have to say I have never thought of that. I do love me some meatloaf so you will have to send me your recipe, it sounds good.

Lady DR said...

Sounds like you had a day where you hit overload, circuits went down. Have those on occasion. I maintain it's system overload and goodness knows you've enough on your plate to claim the same.

Thirty-one items in two days? Sounds like the lists I used to make - quit doing that and made them for a week and still didn't always get them done.

Great articles. Kudos to the gal repaying the Make a Wish foundation, as well as the others. And to those who were so helpful and encouraging during the cross-country trek and Maryland run.

The "heaven" ranch sounds absolutely delightful. Who knew there were such places tucked away, especially at such reasonable prices?

The last story is so neat. I do hope Swift was sincere in her invitation and that the guy is able to be her "date" for the awards ceremony. It was sweet of her to offer him an option, since she couldn't get to the prom. Good for his sister (cousin?) making it all happen.

Pat said...

I think we've all had those "not thinking properly" days. It's all a question of degree, I think. Just how often are they occurring? If the other 4 days were good, you're probably ahead of the curve. {g}

What an amazing house! I could live in Austin Heaven.

Another celebrity responding to a smitten (and ill) teenager. It's nice that the celebs do these things now and then. I hope it works out for McGuire and that he gets to meet Taylor Swift.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

I am down to fourteen on the list so I may even finish it.

The day I couldn't think my brother and I had a lot of calls back and fourth about the lawsuit against Mom. It turned out to be good news but was still a little mentally trying. I will report in on the lawsuit Monday.

My recipe for turkey meatloaf:

Find car keys.

Start car.

Drive to Safeway.

Check to see if $5 Friday includes their meatloaf (it did Friday)

Drive to Mom's

Get out of car

Unlock Mom's door.

Put meatloaf in microwive!

See a single man's workable recipe!



Safeway's meatloaf is the best.

William J. said...


I came to the conclusion that my mind was distracted by outside influences.

I am down to fourteen, got a bunch done yesterday. Going to get a bunch done today.

I loved the article about the three people doing good things. Well written by an author I like. One of the things I like about the good articles is they so often include so many helpful people.

When we have a Dahn Report get together it is going to be at the Heaven Ranch.

Swift was sincere and it is scheduled and read to go. What a night it will be for her date!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I usually don't get those not thinking properly days as often as I get doing dumb thing days, like finding my coffee pot in the fridge. That is why it kind of scared me.

Loved the house. We are going to have a meeting there!

I am pretty sure McQuire and Swift are going to go through with a date. Kudos to her.