Thursday, March 1, 2012

All Over The Map

Today we all over the map.

First stop. Men's products that women can use:

Next stop. Good health news:

Final stop on The Blog Train.

A heartland controversy:

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Pat said...

Haven't tried any of the men's products she mentions, but I do use men's "Consort" unscented hairspray. It's the only one I've found that still make a "regular" hold version, if you can find it.

That's good news about AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration). I have some of that in one eye. I've participated in a clinical trial of a med that worked great and I wish I could get some more of it. Meanwhile, it's being kept under control so far by a med called Lucentis, which is horribly expensive but so far my insurance has been good for that. However, this new research is about identifying it, and what I want to hear, like anyone afflicted with anything, is that they found a CURE! {g}

I don't know about the Minnesota law. I'm in favor of being able to protect oneself, whether at home or abroad in the world. However, the idea of people walking around carrying weapons is offputting since I have little confidence in the skill, training, and judgment of the average person out there. Obviously there are exceptions, to just about every rule, so I guess I'll remain semi-ambivalent as long as it's all the way over in Minnesota. Let's see how that works out.

Lady DR said...

I posted a lovely response, then Google decided not to recognize my account or my password. Ergo, my pearls of wisdom have gone to the ethernet and will be lost forever. It's just not a perfect world

William J. said...


Stuff like that is why I compose my responses in my word processor then cut and paste to the blog.

I am sorry you had trouble yesterday with the blog.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

OK, I admit I have tried some women's products, like soap, because it smells better than men's products.

It sounds like AMD research is close to being used too, unlike the other research we have been reading about. Interesting about you being in a study and it helping. And I agree with you, I want to hear they found a cure. For anything.

I'm not sold on the Minnesota law. I just thing you risk have untrained people with guns and shooting the wrong person, like a relative or a good friend.