Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Touching, The Lucky, & The Scary.

Wednesday is the half way point of the week and it is a day I look forward to. Forward to ending. Because that means only two days until the pressure to perform is off. I am also looking forward to a week from this Friday when I connect with Nancie again. In January she started a two year college program in massage. She feels, and I think correctly, that will be a nice addition to her reflexology business. She has been really busy with her work schedule and classes three or four days a week. I really admire her efforts to better herself. I am looking forward to catching up with her to see how it is going.

Let's start the day off with a touching story:

Let's continue the post with a lucky story"

And let's end today's post with a scary story.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Lovely story, and what a good-sounding program to help the families and especially the kids.

Talk about luck! Good thing that kid listened to his mom and did actually clean up his room!

I'm very ambivalent about all the new bells & whistles in cars. I remember when cars were basically an engine and a drive train and a radio was a great thing to have. Now everything is computerized for you and the car tells you if it's time for maintenance. Seems to me you can get lazy waiting to be told and maybe not keep things up as well as you might. Not to mention that your car might get "hacked". Mine isn't that connected, but I suppose if we live long enough, it'll come to us all.

Lady DR said...

Yes, Wednesday is a good day, 'cause you know there's an end in sight to certain "required" activities. Good for Nancie for combining the two practices! My massage therapist has been immensely helpful in my healing, but even she suggested that some reflexology might be helpful. (That's a reversal of what Nancie is doing, of course, but underscores the benefits of her being able to provide a combination of healing approaches. I admire her determination to do all she can to help her clients/patients.

I've heard of and read about the Wounded Warriors program, but had no idea they got so involved with the children in the families. These folks are true heroes.

Hmm... maybe I should clear out more paperwork, although I rarely buy lottery tickets. Still, who knows what you might find.

The auto technology is scary. It could be so beneficial. Thankfully, my car doesn't have all the techie bells and whistles. I personally think all hackers should be gathered up and hung by their thumbs and fingers, until they're unable to use a computer.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I love the program in the first article. If I win the lottery some of it will go there.

Because of the second article I am cleaning out my drawers and closets this weekend.

I completely agree with you about the new technology. Some of it isn't really needed. I do like, however, the blind sport warning!


William J. said...


And Thursday would be even better if the caregiver wasn't still sick.
I am really proud of Nancie to go forward with things despite our ages. I find it charming. Let me know what you think of reflexology if you do go.

I didn't know the Wounded Warriors included children either, it just makes me like them more.

I cleaning house this weekend!

I can see the benefits of the new technology but like Pat I wonder if it doesn't make us lazy. I agree with your plan for hackers.