Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Basic Black

Watch out for Facebook if you have more than one wife:


During my seasonal job fashion is important to me. I guess fashion has been important for a very long time.


I am breathing easier lately. How about you?


Comment Away.


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Pat said...

That pesky Facebook struck again, did it? It sure isn't helping the bigamists of the world. Which is probably a Good Thing.

That looks like a nice fashionable microraptor. I was wondering how on earth they knew it was glossy, but they did explain that. Sounds pretty but not very, um, friendly.

Another story about how our products can harm us. Add to this one the one from today's paper that any amount of red meat, in which they even include pork, can shorten your life span. Sheesh! I won't quit using any of the stuff we're warned about. I'll quit reading. {g}

Lady DR said...

Gee, Facebook has all kinds of advantages/disadvantages, no? I don't think I'd want to be there if I had anything to hide (easy for me to say - I haven't posted anything on my page in a year or more). But some people aren't real bright about what they put up, it appears (more and more often).

The only think I got on the second page was a picture of a black bird, so I can't comment on that, other than to say I'm sure you look pretty spiffy, wherever you are.

I'm with Pat on products that harm/help. We spent big bucks, outfitting Mom's house, from special bed linens to "kill 'em" sprays to special laundry soaps and hours and hours of vacuuming with a special vacuum and dusting, washing items with special soaps and it never seemed to make a difference. I do understand avoid certain scents and other products and such, if you know you're allergic (like I avoid adhesives and wool), but really... there comes a point.

I also saw the articles on eating red meat, including pork (which isn't technically "red meat" from my understanding. Call me stubborn or ill-advised, but I'll be happier (and probably just as healthy) if I quit reading, rather than quit "using" the items. First, too many of these warnings have been proven unfounded (remember cranberries?). Second, while lifestyles are different and we do need to make some adjustments, our parents and grandparents often lived long and happy lives eating the stuff now designated as "bad" and not necessarily concentrating on what's now considered "good." Ergo, I figure if we get daily exercise, a bit of fresh air and natural Vitamin D outside, shoot for some veggies and fruit in our daily diet, we're pretty much good to go. Quite frankly, I think the stresses of today (which are different from fifty years ago, in many ways) are as much to blame for ill health as any other factor.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

It always surprises me when people are breaking the law how public they become with it. Stupid to go to Facebook when you are a bigamist and there is not only a chance that one of your wives will be there but someone that knows your wives will be there too.

It was kind of interesting to read how they knew it was glossy but I agree with you, not very friendly.

I read the article about read meat. I was going to have a hamburger last night but changed my plans.


William J. said...


We agree Facebook isn't the place to be if you have anything to hide. But there have been all sorts of instances where criminals have gone there. One from here was called the barefoot bandit that used to post updates on his robberies on Facebook and had a lot of following.

Thanks for the nice compliment.

I have also spent a lot of money on products that are supposed to better for us. And it didn't seem to make a big difference. And you are right there comes a point. If you listened to all the food that harmed you and avoided it, you would starve to death.

I'm with I think not reading the articles is healthier than not eating read meat. I do remember cranberries causing cancer and hot dogs also. And wine going from bad to good, coffee being good for you and then bad for you and then good for you. And I agree with you about stresses today and the speed of life today being the main culprits of our health.