Sunday, March 25, 2012

Your Update, My Go Boom In The Night.

I updated you yesterday on what was going on in my life. Turn about is fair play. Today you update me on your life, at least I hope you do.

I am really ready for tax season to be over. I'm exhausted. With me doing five days a week at The Firm and weekends at Mom's I haven't had a day of since mom got sick on February 1. I need a me day. I barely have time for showers right now. I do my laundry at Mom's when I am there so I am clean dude, just a tired one.

I might squeeze a little cleaning into today so I enjoyed the following article:

Do you know who invented chess? Tents? Now you will:

I plan on having a quiet day so I hope the people around me and the occult will cooperate.

The blog is now yours. Catch me up. Comment Away. Vent. Give an inspiring speech. Post whatever you damn well please.


Lady DR said...

The baking soda thing is interesting. Another use is to clean a stained coffee mug - a couple teaspoons of baking soda, fill with water, put in microwave for a couple minutes. I wish I could have gotten to the other "5 uses" articles.

The booms certainly sound mysterious and I can see where they'd become annoying, as well as unsettling. Be interesting to see if they find the cause.

I don't know how you keep up with all you've got going on with work, weekends at Mom and doing returns for others outside the company!

Quiet week. More research, which is somewhat tedious, but I think I'm nearing the end of the first phase. Bit the bullet and ordered a Kindle, which is due tomorrow. Pool therapy, line dance, massage. Took Scamp to the groomer Friday and she's cute as can be, with her new trim (altho Himself doesn't like it, prefers her scruffy). Did major paperwork sorting and taxes yesterday. Will make one more pass. The first time, the numbers looked way too high, the second time, after checking and changing some category entries, they look too low, compared to last year. Since I'm always afraid I'll do something "wrong" with the taxes, they make me nervous. Interesting to discover that someone over 65 can't take the EIC deduct and the "make money" or whatever it was called last year isn't even on the form this year. Bill, I can't tell you how I admire you for being able to a gizillion tax returns and not go absolutely nuts.

Pat said...

Bill, you are clearly overextending yourself. I heartily recommend that you cut back on something. I know you can't cut back on your mom, or not without hiring more help, which isn't all that bad an idea. But you can certainly cut back on work. Hey, it's only money!

Nothing for me to update on except that I kind of lost yesterday. I had scheduled a shift at the library used bookstore, but apparently I had it wrong (no doubt my fault), so was at loose ends wondering what to do instead for that day. Today it's supposed to rain, which is always welcome here. I'll probably mostly stay in today, with short trips to the market and the library.

I like the baking soda article. May try it for fabric softener in the wash. I've had a box in the fridge for... now that I think about it, I'm not sure how long. Maybe years. It just sits peacefully at the very back of the shelf. I don't know if it's doing anything good any more, but it's doing no harm. I also failed to get to any of the other "5 Uses" articles, and there were a couple I might have been able to use. Probably just going to HuffPost and starting over would have done it, so maybe I'll try again later.

I can sure do without unexplained underground booming, today and every other day. So I hope both you and I have a peaceful day free of boomlets.

Mary said...

What Pat said. Very eloquently. One of us working ourselves to death is plenty around here. And I've got that nailed. Sigh. I took a whole day off today. It was lovely, and I only had to work 14 hours yesterday to get it.

Three more weeks!

William J. said...


I would have never thought to use baking soda to clean a coffee mug. The things I learn from all of you.

If I see a follow-up article where they find the reasons for the booms I will post it.

Quiet weeks are good and I am looking forward to one in three weeks. Research is always tedious but almost always rewarding.

I'm glad Scamp survived the grooming appointment. I bet she looks stunning.

I think you might have purchased a new computer this year, they have special depreciation this year where you can write off a 100% of the cost. Don't forget that! Don't worry so much about taxes and don't be nervous, if you discover an error amendments are easy. The Making Work Pay Credit was part of the stimuluis (sp) and was only planned for two years. Nobody gets it this year. But in your business you might make it up in savings from self-employment tax whose rate is lower this year. And that is for any age.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I always overextend myself this time of year. Not much I can do until the end of tax season but I am thinking maybe this is my last year at work.

We all do those things, Pat. I've shown up at a Seminar a day early before. It is just part of life. I bet rain is welcome there, if you aren't on the freeways.

I am doing my laundry Saturday at Mom's and I may take some baking soda along. I think baking soda is one of those things is good forever if there aren't things growing in it.

I am with you my life is better without unexplained underground booming.

And I hope you had as peaceful of a day or a more peaceful day then I did.


William J. said...

Hi Mary

In three more weeks I will probably be complaining about not enough to do!