Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not In This Lifetime

Not in this lifetime:

I like the CSI shows on TV, do you? How about adding another one to the lineup:,,20061687,00.html

Closing with a good story.

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Pat said...

Not in this lifetime? You're on target there, so remain firm. Most of us women are glad we've pretty much graduated from pantyhose into either pants, bare legs, or elastic-topped stockings. OTOH, if you need leg compression or an extra layer for warmth, go for it! Nobody will know unless you tell.

Good for the animal forensics woman! I'm not sure I'd watch a show about it. Most spinoffs I watch once and then I drop them, as I have the two spinoff CSI shows, and NCIS L.A. But if she can get crimes against animals prosecuted, I say good for her.

I just learned something new from the article about Kennie Namba. Something that has little or nothing to do with his life story as told in the article. About "Lewy body dementia", which is something I never heard of before. According to the Mayo Clinic site, it's the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer's.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Nope not in this lifetime. I doubt if I could find my size for one thing. And from the look of the picture in the article. No Way.

I might watch a animal forensics show. I seldom watch spinoffs but I think NCIS is a spin off from Jag. The NCIS LA is a spinoff of a spinoff and I like them both.

Wow you really did read that article in depth. I had never heard of Lewy body dementia either. Now I am more informed. Thanks!