Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Dog & The Chicken

I have a busy day planned but thought I would post a couple of updates before heading off into the wild blue yonder.

I had dinner with Mark last night and it was both good and bad. He is still having a really hard time getting over the death of his wife. The one year anniversary of her death will be next Friday. The prostate cancer is stable and his PSA levels are normal. He has a CATSCAN scheduled for Monday because they think there may be a tumor on his thyroid. So prayers and good thoughts are still needed. To show you what a kind of man Mark is with all that is going on with him he still brought my Mom flowers. I dropped them off to her on the way home from dinner. She was so pleased. Today we are all three going to lunch and then going back to Mom's to work on Mark's estate.

I also received a nice update mail from Adi, also known as Snugpug. Her husband (and her) still need out support. Please keep her husband, her, and her family in your daily thoughts and prayers:

"it's a series of ups and downs. He was showing signs of progress, and the hospital wanted to move him to another hospital that has a neuroscience centre. However late last night after the move, he had difficulty in breathing, and was moved to the ICU and intubated. He is still sedated and intubated today, oxygen levels are good, pulse normal, bp mostly ok but dips now and then. They are starting to reduce 100% oxygen. The breathing difficulty was likely caused by a bloated abdomen pressing into the diaphragm. They are draining the fluid, and assured me it's not like the varices last time, there's no sign of bleeding. Probably his system not functioning very well because of all the other stresses. It's a secondary problem to the meningitis, which is responding to antibiotics but will take time. They also said TB was one of the bacteria found, but it is not like he has TB. The other hospital found some signs of stroke in their MRI, and although they ruled it out after no sign of blood clots in an ultrasound, this neuro centre wants another MRI tomorrow to reexamine that. They will also check his heart, because there's infection in the blood, may get into the heart and therefore account for those stroke-like things in that first MRI."

Snug we all hope life gets easier for you and your husband. Sometimes I think it is harder on the supporter then it is on the patient because it is such a helpless feeling. My heart just goes out to you.

A couple of fun stories to end today's post:

Good dog. Next up the blog is going to the birds:

Off to chase chickens. Comment Away.


Pat said...

All my best to Mark and to Snug and her husband, too. What a rollercoaster they seem to be on!

Bravo to Mabeline, the Ridgeback! We should all have such a walking companion.

I love the name "Slayer" for the chicken! And I've always liked her type of chicken because I remember from childhood "Mrs. Buff Orpington", a snooty character on, I think it was Fred Allen's radio show. I had sort of wondered about clicker training, but now that I see the click is associated with a food reward, it all makes sense.

Lady DR said...

My best to Mark, to Snug and her husband. So sorry to hear Mark may have another tumor. Glad he could spend time with you and your mom. Sounds like Snug is having a real series of ups and downs. More prayers headed to both of them. And, yes, it can be as hard or harder on the caregiver. Hugs!

Who would have thought someone would try an attack so close to a facility like that and attack a girl with a fair sized dog. Yea for Mabeline.

Article on the chickens was interesting. I've looked at 'clicker' training for ours, but it's always associated with food, it seems, and I don't want to have to give treats every time they do as told. Never know when I might not have a treat in my pocket. Am trying to combine treats and lots of positive verbal and petting reinforcement in between. I don't need one more thing in my hand, if I have two leashes (wry s).

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I think the rollercoaster is the hard part. The upds and downs can really play havoc with your blood pressure. I will keep out watch for them and update you when I can.

I would love to have Mabeline as a walking companion!

I never thought about the name Slayer until you mentioned it. But it is perfect for the chicken. I also wondered about clicker training.


William J. said...


I am really worried about Mark, almost to the point where it is kind of depressing to be around him. I was more tired spending the day with him yesterday than I have been at the end of the work day. He really doesn't lool all that well. And I am kind of worried about him. Snug is strong but still that is a lot on her plate. I am strongly praying for both.

Only an out of control idiot would have tried to attack under those circumstances. Mabeline saved the day.

I am not sure about clicker training, whether or not I would use it on my pets. I had Katie trained to come to my whistle and to play hide n seek and did it without training. I think positive verbel treats are just as effective as food treats.